Saturday, January 11, 2014

Magical Art Journal Journey Blog Party

Welcome to the Magical Art Journal Journey Blog Party! 
This year we had 9 artists participate in a Round Robin. That's where each person starts an art journal, then sends it on to the next person in line to add art to. Then that person sends it to the next person in line and so on until you get back a big beautiful compilation of art work. My journal started out here in Charleston, SC and flew off to Arkansas, then to Georgia, then to Arizona, next stop PA to 2 different artists then to Manchester, England, Cornwall England and then to Northampton, England and then back to me.

This year we chose to do a color theme. I chose Black, White and Tan.  Each person is given a month give or take, to complete their page or pages, whatever they choose to do.
 Inside the cover flap left side and immediately onto Kim's fun art work. With a quote to start our journey, "It's not the flying that matters, It's believing that you can". I love the bird,  the flowers, and the sweet little vintage girls head amidst words of inspiration.
  I just love Kim's whimsical art! She knows I love birds and nature.
     Love the white paint on the black background, don't you? 
 Stephanie is a water colorist and she amazes me with her paintbrush. She made this gorgeous painting of  lady in a window and a tree branch and a page that opens to reveal a note. We share the love of gardening and books.
Maggie gave me such elegant pages. Charming vintage images and a pretty lady reminding us to smell the roses along with fun quotes.
Gemma included a feather along with sweet birds and vintage images and playful patterns. Are you seeing a pattern yet? These ladies know me so well.
I love the Emily Dickinson quote she included. See below
Priti Lisa included a lovely lady and a beautiful page of butterflies all on bits and pieces of vintage ephemera and laces. Look at the layers.
She even blessed me with my very own guardian Angel. I love her soulful eyes. Lisa is an angel herself.
Angela and I both have a love of vintage images and ephemera. She included one of my favorite things to collect; skeleton keys. All on a rich colored background
Kat made a gorgeous keepsake cupboard with a story to go along with it that weaves a tale of a child's aunt and uncle's 80 yr marriage.
In the story she tells of child's uncle bringing back a chest from the orient for his and his wife's 1st yr wedding anniversary. It was filled with all sorts of beautiful fabrics he collected during his extensive travels. She goes on to include the meaningful memories behind the pearl necklace, the Norwegian clock, the hand made lace wedding veil, the scrapbook and the picnic rug.
Lisa painted this gorgeous owl tucked behind a layer of leaves and feathers all on top of beautiful bits and pieces of ephemera.
Lisa also painted this gorgeous Venus with golden locks inspired by the artwork on the back flap of my journal. Look at her soulful eyes
And lastly the inside of the back of my journal. I filled the leaf on the left with all of my favorite artist quotes.
If you have time and would like to see the other art journals in our journey, please visit the links I've linked to their names. Just click and be transported to more wonderful art work.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Angie's Art Journal White

This is Month 3 of the Magical Art Journal Journey, where myself and 8 other artists pass on an art journal that has a color theme to it. In the end we will all have nine or more layouts full of artwork by the others. A real treasure.  So this month I had the privilege of working in Angie's Art Journal. Angie chose WHITE for her  color theme.
While this may intimidate some, I couldn't wait to get started. White is such a serene color. She said we could use any shade of white and add an accent color if we chose to. I work at a home improvement store and let me tell you, there are oodles of shades of white. I'm amazed at how different each of them look in different lighting and next to other colors.
It was so fun working in White as I am comfortable creating vintage feeling things. I love creams and tans and things that are worn and tattered just a bit. Well like me. Ha just kidding! Well, sort of.

I included a pocket on the right hand page where I tucked in a stuffed muslin heart I made for her. Angie loves hearts and butterflies and all things vintage feeling. I hope she will enjoy these pages.
This page has a background paper of white chippy painted barn wood and layered on top of that are a row of flowers I made by burning the edges of organza. Here is a tutorial for making them.I them photocopied an original post card I have of Emily Post's home and garden. I love the little note a young lady wrote to her friend.


The postcard dated 1944 reads," You should see the lovely garden here, and the house inside is my idea of a very comfortable as well as interesting home. Emily Post herself,  I think, I think very sweet. She shook hands with all of us. Still of the (not sure what this word is), As Ever, Jerrie". Emily Post was an American writer and socialite who became famous for writing on social etiquette. 

She's all packaged up and ready to fly off to Arkansas tomorrow to visit with Kim Imgirl.

Happy Creating!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kat's Art Journal Magenta, Teal and Silver

There are 9 of us artists participating in this Magical Art Journal Journey.  We each chose a color or a color combination for our own art journals. Kat chose Magenta, Teal and Silver. She is such a girlie girl! 

This is the second journal, that I've gotten to play in, of the 9 that will travel through the states and through the UK. This is Kat's art journal. She is a dreamer, a writer and a magnificent mandala maker living in charming Cornwall. 

My theme for this was daydreamer. I added pockets with bits of decorative papers to jot her story ideas onto. I added some bling with some small spots of glitter and a row of rhinestones across the header of one of the papers in the idea pockets.The front cover is a large magenta flower with silver, magenta and teal ribbons as the border. I added her name in Silver glitter letters at the corner.

If you'd like to see some of the other pages in our journals during their travels have a look at our Pinterest board here
The next journal heading my way will be Angie's and she has chosen white for her journal. Should be fun and challenging. 

Happy creating!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lovely Sunday

Ah today is a beautiful sunny Sunday. I found myself drinking my morning coffee and dreamily perusing Pinterest. I can get lost in there for hours. So much inspiration and so many beautiful images. Spring is in the air around here. Birds chirping and squirrels nesting. It's a happy place in my yard.
My husband, Jack loves tulips and these are his tulips today. Gorgeous cherry red with white tips. Reminds me of lipstick.
We bought this house in February so it has been wonderful to see the fruits of the previous owner who was a gardener spring up. Pardon the pun. I couldn't help myself. =) There is a gigantic spread of these vines across one side of the house.
So while out photographing my flowers to share with you I discovered this lovely vine, as well. It's POISON IVY! Yikes!! Great! I am so allergic to it that I nearly was blinded as a child and it makes me look like I have elephantitis according to my mother. Thanks mom! Gotta love the honest truth. haha 
So now I have enlisted my husband to get rid of it. Have to run and get him prepared.
Enjoy your Sunday!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lisa's Art Journal Color Rust

I am participating in a Round Robin Art Journal Swap. Our theme for this go round is colors. Each participant chose a color or color combination for their art journal. So each artist has to work within that color or color combination in that journal. Lisa Wrights art journal was the first one to arrive in my mailbox. It flew over from England. Must have been a fun journey.
I have to say that Rust was a real challenge for me. I didn't like my first pages so I ended up redoing them. Good thing Lisa left her pages loose allowing us to take them out and lie them flat.

Poor Kim Imgirl has had to wait for me to send this lovely journal on to her. We are supposed to mail them out by the first of the month. I promised her I would have the next one to her on time. Good thing too because Kat's art journal just arrived yesterday. Her color combination is Magenta Teal and Silver. Should be fun and challenging. Come back to see Kat's art journal pages. She has booklets so that will be even more art to create.
If you'd like to take a peek at the progress of all of the journals this far you can go to our group Pinterest page and have a look around.

Happy Creating!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Art Journal Blog Party

Artists lt to rt, row 1 1&2 Lisa Wright, Kim Collister, Angie Hogan, 2nd row Maggie Nemetz, 3rd row Stephanie Mealor-Corder, Katrina Wright, 4th row, 1&2 Lisa DiNunzio, Kim Collisters 2nd page, Angie Hogans 2nd page.
It's a Blog Party to share the fun experience 8 lovely artists had the pleasure of participating in a Art Journal Round Robin.


All 8 Art Journals in last round of our Round Robin

My Art Journal Cover
We are having this blog party to celebrate the Round Robin we participated in for 8 months. It was a wonderful experience! Below are just some of the items in the giveaway. There will be more surprises in the pkg!

1 Lucky person willing to start his/her own Art Journal Round Robin will win this loot and more.

 Please have a visit with these other lovely ladies. See their wonderful Art Journal Pages and enter for a GIVEAWAY! Their links are above.
Please leave a comment here and on the other 7 blogs.
Tell us what you like about art journaling.
Maybe you're inspired to try a journal swap?
It would be awesome if you were to gather 
some artsy friends and start your own Round Robin! 

It's been decided that the Art Journal and goodies will not be given away by random number
selection, but to the person who is most 
interested in starting her/his own
journal swap! More details are on
Priti Lisa's blog.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New home and a Blog Party coming up!

Hello sweet friends! I am so sorry I have been MIA for a couple of months. Life has been quite hectic around here. We started looking for a home to buy in September. Every day off we were looking with the realtor. We made 3 offers on 3 different homes and each was accepted and held for a period of 7 days only to have someone outbid us or pay cash. It was ridiculous and an emotional roller coaster. The market here is hot and there is a lot of money here so you actually have people coming in and paying cash for them. 

I can't imagine having that much extra cash. The realtor explained to us that real estate is a better investment for them right now since the stock market is so out of whack (not her words but mine). So the home you see in the upper rt corner is our home that we have yet to close on. We are currently renting it until the sellers have their paperwork in order. I don't want to bore you with the details but let's just say we have had some major ups and downs with this buying experience. The other homes we have purchased have never been this difficult.

I have been perusing Pinterest photo's for ideas on all sorts of things like landscaping, which will be fun and challenging because we have a 1/2 acre with 18 trees and we love to have a vegetable garden so we need light. Right now the yard looks like a park.

We have a wooden front door with a very cool speakeasy ( a small door that opens so we can see who is at the door and speak through it) How fun, huh?. Reminded me of the Wizard of Oz. lol 
You may have noticed the journal in the lower rt corner of the first photo. That is because I am part of a Round Robin Art Journal group and we are having a blog party this coming weekend with a GIVEAWAY art journal and goodies to embellish it with. So make sure you stop by this coming weekend for a chance to WIN!
See you later

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Round Robin Spoiler Alert- Kim's Journal

 Well, this is sadly the last of the Round Robin Art Journals in this swap. It has been so much fun playing in all 7 books. This is Kim's Art Journal and she is a very vibrant spirit. She loves color, whimsy, collage and words, so I tried to incorporate these things in the 2 page layout I did in her book.
 Everyone included a bird symbolizing the Round Robin , so I chose a sweet little blue bird in flight.
                                " Live Life as if it were Created just for you"~ Maya Angelou
 This card made me laugh. It came from overseas and I love the way it was written. "It will flick in my Gizzard if I can't make an Z". It seemed whimsical enough to be included here.
 This is Kim's journal cover. Isn't it gorgeous?! She is such a wonderful artist. I am always envious of her use of color. Her work always seems so HAPPY.  =)
                                                  This is the back of her journal. Love it!
                                       Hope you have time to create something fun today!