Saturday, January 11, 2014

Magical Art Journal Journey Blog Party

Welcome to the Magical Art Journal Journey Blog Party! 
This year we had 9 artists participate in a Round Robin. That's where each person starts an art journal, then sends it on to the next person in line to add art to. Then that person sends it to the next person in line and so on until you get back a big beautiful compilation of art work. My journal started out here in Charleston, SC and flew off to Arkansas, then to Georgia, then to Arizona, next stop PA to 2 different artists then to Manchester, England, Cornwall England and then to Northampton, England and then back to me.

This year we chose to do a color theme. I chose Black, White and Tan.  Each person is given a month give or take, to complete their page or pages, whatever they choose to do.
 Inside the cover flap left side and immediately onto Kim's fun art work. With a quote to start our journey, "It's not the flying that matters, It's believing that you can". I love the bird,  the flowers, and the sweet little vintage girls head amidst words of inspiration.
  I just love Kim's whimsical art! She knows I love birds and nature.
     Love the white paint on the black background, don't you? 
 Stephanie is a water colorist and she amazes me with her paintbrush. She made this gorgeous painting of  lady in a window and a tree branch and a page that opens to reveal a note. We share the love of gardening and books.
Maggie gave me such elegant pages. Charming vintage images and a pretty lady reminding us to smell the roses along with fun quotes.
Gemma included a feather along with sweet birds and vintage images and playful patterns. Are you seeing a pattern yet? These ladies know me so well.
I love the Emily Dickinson quote she included. See below
Priti Lisa included a lovely lady and a beautiful page of butterflies all on bits and pieces of vintage ephemera and laces. Look at the layers.
She even blessed me with my very own guardian Angel. I love her soulful eyes. Lisa is an angel herself.
Angela and I both have a love of vintage images and ephemera. She included one of my favorite things to collect; skeleton keys. All on a rich colored background
Kat made a gorgeous keepsake cupboard with a story to go along with it that weaves a tale of a child's aunt and uncle's 80 yr marriage.
In the story she tells of child's uncle bringing back a chest from the orient for his and his wife's 1st yr wedding anniversary. It was filled with all sorts of beautiful fabrics he collected during his extensive travels. She goes on to include the meaningful memories behind the pearl necklace, the Norwegian clock, the hand made lace wedding veil, the scrapbook and the picnic rug.
Lisa painted this gorgeous owl tucked behind a layer of leaves and feathers all on top of beautiful bits and pieces of ephemera.
Lisa also painted this gorgeous Venus with golden locks inspired by the artwork on the back flap of my journal. Look at her soulful eyes
And lastly the inside of the back of my journal. I filled the leaf on the left with all of my favorite artist quotes.
If you have time and would like to see the other art journals in our journey, please visit the links I've linked to their names. Just click and be transported to more wonderful art work.


  1. Every time I 'page' through another of our art journals, I think this one is my know what I mean? Each book in this collection is a masterpiece...You did a wonderful job at presenting Tammy, beautiful post♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Tammy, I loved reading your post and looking at the pages, some I've seen and others were a happy surprise. I'm loving that we used color themes, how beautiful to see the finished books looking so coordinated! Your colors are so rich and natural.

    I'm so looking forward to the next project!

  3. Tammy, great post! I wish I had added more of a presentation with my photos! Another gorgeous journal! Each one is so special and personal and amazing as they explode with variations of the colors we each chose. 💗💗 Cheers to 2014 and a new journey!
    XO Kim

  4. I LOVE your journal. It is so great how each of them turned out! Yours is awesome. Loved working in this for you. xx

  5. This was of course the only one I saw completed as I was the last but I had forgotten all the beauty that was inside. What an amazing project!!

  6. Hi Tammy, This is such a wonderful post . . . I am so happy that I didn't miss it. There is so much beauty and inspiration here.
    Thank you.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)


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