Thursday, April 1, 2010

When in Rome

My husband and I go to the $1. theater at least once a week. Tuesday night we went to see, "When in Rome". It  is an adorable lighthearted movie. A high strung workaholic (Kristen Bell) no longer believes that she will find a Mr. Right that will make her put her career second. She flies to Rome to be in her sister's wedding and something magical happens. Here is the YouTube link for the trailer. This film is fun and makes you laugh.
And here's the fellow that makes her believe in love again. Heck, he'd make me believe in it too. Woooeee! He's one hottie! Just found out he is Fergies Hubby. Drats!!


  1. yep, i think he could make me believe too :) I haven't seen a movie in years. maybe I need to go see this one

  2. 越來越多人看你的部落格 要繼續加油喔 ....................................................

  3. Dear Tammy!-)*

    Wish you very,very sunny blessed Easter,dear friend!

    Much Love,


  4. sounds like a fun movie and it takes place in Italy so I am sure I would like it!! LOL!

  5. Happy Easter Tammy and all the best for you and yours!

  6. That's it; I'm renting that movie this weekend! I had no clue he's married to Fergie!?! I love the bird box you made! I'm off to check out that blog tutorial party now :)



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