Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Round Robin Spoiler Alert- Kim's Journal

 Well, this is sadly the last of the Round Robin Art Journals in this swap. It has been so much fun playing in all 7 books. This is Kim's Art Journal and she is a very vibrant spirit. She loves color, whimsy, collage and words, so I tried to incorporate these things in the 2 page layout I did in her book.
 Everyone included a bird symbolizing the Round Robin , so I chose a sweet little blue bird in flight.
                                " Live Life as if it were Created just for you"~ Maya Angelou
 This card made me laugh. It came from overseas and I love the way it was written. "It will flick in my Gizzard if I can't make an Z". It seemed whimsical enough to be included here.
 This is Kim's journal cover. Isn't it gorgeous?! She is such a wonderful artist. I am always envious of her use of color. Her work always seems so HAPPY.  =)
                                                  This is the back of her journal. Love it!
                                       Hope you have time to create something fun today!