Saturday, January 19, 2013

Art Journal Blog Party

Artists lt to rt, row 1 1&2 Lisa Wright, Kim Collister, Angie Hogan, 2nd row Maggie Nemetz, 3rd row Stephanie Mealor-Corder, Katrina Wright, 4th row, 1&2 Lisa DiNunzio, Kim Collisters 2nd page, Angie Hogans 2nd page.
It's a Blog Party to share the fun experience 8 lovely artists had the pleasure of participating in a Art Journal Round Robin.


All 8 Art Journals in last round of our Round Robin

My Art Journal Cover
We are having this blog party to celebrate the Round Robin we participated in for 8 months. It was a wonderful experience! Below are just some of the items in the giveaway. There will be more surprises in the pkg!

1 Lucky person willing to start his/her own Art Journal Round Robin will win this loot and more.

 Please have a visit with these other lovely ladies. See their wonderful Art Journal Pages and enter for a GIVEAWAY! Their links are above.
Please leave a comment here and on the other 7 blogs.
Tell us what you like about art journaling.
Maybe you're inspired to try a journal swap?
It would be awesome if you were to gather 
some artsy friends and start your own Round Robin! 

It's been decided that the Art Journal and goodies will not be given away by random number
selection, but to the person who is most 
interested in starting her/his own
journal swap! More details are on
Priti Lisa's blog.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

New home and a Blog Party coming up!

Hello sweet friends! I am so sorry I have been MIA for a couple of months. Life has been quite hectic around here. We started looking for a home to buy in September. Every day off we were looking with the realtor. We made 3 offers on 3 different homes and each was accepted and held for a period of 7 days only to have someone outbid us or pay cash. It was ridiculous and an emotional roller coaster. The market here is hot and there is a lot of money here so you actually have people coming in and paying cash for them. 

I can't imagine having that much extra cash. The realtor explained to us that real estate is a better investment for them right now since the stock market is so out of whack (not her words but mine). So the home you see in the upper rt corner is our home that we have yet to close on. We are currently renting it until the sellers have their paperwork in order. I don't want to bore you with the details but let's just say we have had some major ups and downs with this buying experience. The other homes we have purchased have never been this difficult.

I have been perusing Pinterest photo's for ideas on all sorts of things like landscaping, which will be fun and challenging because we have a 1/2 acre with 18 trees and we love to have a vegetable garden so we need light. Right now the yard looks like a park.

We have a wooden front door with a very cool speakeasy ( a small door that opens so we can see who is at the door and speak through it) How fun, huh?. Reminded me of the Wizard of Oz. lol 
You may have noticed the journal in the lower rt corner of the first photo. That is because I am part of a Round Robin Art Journal group and we are having a blog party this coming weekend with a GIVEAWAY art journal and goodies to embellish it with. So make sure you stop by this coming weekend for a chance to WIN!
See you later