Friday, December 9, 2011

Been a busy bee creating

Hi there! Wow, it's been a couple of weeks since we've visited. Sheesh where does the time go? I never wanted to be one of those people that acknowledges the older you get the quicker time seems to go by, but I'm there now and it's true. I'm sorry to say.
I have been busy making things for my poor neglected shop. Above is a wedding guest book alternative. It's a box I made that can hold 100's of my postcards.
I also will be making these table numbers in various frames. I've made these 6 to show some of the options. They're aren't over the top frou frou. They are simple and low key.
I made several of these wedding guest book alternatives, as well. I think having something pretty to display long after that special day is over is a fun idea. And I don't know about you but something in crisp white satin with lace and roses would not go with my decor or stay white in my home for that matter, so I started thinking outside the box. Well of a box, actually. Pardon the pun. I know, I know. Not funny. I couldn't help it though.
You all know that in the past I have made many wedding guest books and I do truly love making them but I thought I might try something new and a little different. I wanted to make something fun and put a twist on the traditional guest book. These are different than anything I have seen out there. The wedding day should be fun and carefree. I have more items in the works. Let me know what you think so far and if you have any fun ideas, please do share them.