Thursday, August 18, 2011

What to do with an antique book of French fables

I was making some art today and while going through some of my antique books to find some words to cut out, I came across this French book of fables. I love the illustrations on these pages and the elegant written language found within them. I have used these book pages in many art pieces over the years. I especially love using them as backgrounds. While perusing through my collection a light bulb came on. Why not use the pages to write letters on?
Remember the days when penmanship and spelling counted. Now we have email and spell check. I use these methods myself, don't get me wrong but I do still enjoy sitting down and taking out my smooth writing pen and letting the flourishes of cursive dance across the page.

So from the pages of a French book of Fables comes an English hand written letter to a friend.

I love a fresh piece of lined paper. It beckons one to write. The smell of a freshly sharpened pencil is invigorating. The sharp tip is ready to do some composing. Did you know that most pencils are made from cedar. No wonder the shavings smell so good. Here's a YouTube video of how a pencil is made. Here I know I'm a nerd.What can I say? I love learning how things are made. I know some of you are mortified that I would tear out antique book pages but it is in the name of art and repurposing. Otherwise they would simply sit on my shelf and collect dust. Okay a compromise would be to make a colored copy of your book pages and then use those.
What other fun things can you think to do with antique book pages?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blue porch ceilings and giveaways around blog land

Hi there! Don't you just love these porches! I shot them while visiting a nearby neighborhood. I just love the quaintness of them. There's such a neighborly feel to them. But you better like your neighbor since they all adjoin one another. I can picture ladies talking with one another over the porch railings, passing a cup of sugar or a recipe.

I love the painted light blue ceilings. There are many thoughts as to why you would want to paint your porch ceilings blue. One idea behind these pretty blue ceilings is that it serves as an insect repellant. This was true back when Lye was a key ingredient in milk paint. Lye is a natural insect repellant. However today Lye is not an added ingredient to paints. Another idea behind these soft blue ceilings is that it extends daylight hours with its reflective qualities. It is true that blue is a calming color and who doesn't like the idea of sitting on a porch rocking chair and watching the world go by; reflecting or chatting with someone special.

One of my favorites ideas behind Southerners painting their porch ceilings "Haint blue" (a soft blue-green) is because it was thought to keep the restless spirits of those whom had not moved on, at bay. Their grandmothers painted their ceilings this color so generation after generation has adopted this tradition.

Okay that was my little tidbit for today. Now on to the giveaways I mentioned.

I noticed on my blog dashboard that some of the blogs I follow are hosting giveaways, so I thought I'd share them with you. Who doesn't love to win something, right?

The first is a lovely friend named Angie and she is offering a $ certificate to her etsy shop to celebrate her birthday. On her blog Artangel, you'll see some of her pretty work. She paints, makes gorgeous collages and is infatuated with hearts.

The second giveaway is being hosted by Handmade Bits and Pieces. She has upcycled some pretty vintage buttons into bobby pins. She's so clever.

Dreamy Whites
is also having a generous giveaway. She is offering a $200. gift certificate to her online shop. if ou haven't visited her shop, you should do so. She makes very pretty items.

PB's Art Studio is also offering a gift certificate to her shop. She is a wonderful illustrator. See for yourself.

Flea Market Style is also hosting a slew of giveaways this week. I love this magazine! They are such a fun group of people, offering fun ways to revamp your flea market finds and adding them to your home decor.

Southern Hospitality is also hosting a giveaway for a $50 Target gift card. She has a fun blog with lots of decorating

So go have some fun and try your luck!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bird Tag Swap

I am hosting a Vintage Bird Tag Swap on Swap-bot. I'd love to have you join in on the fun. I participated in a Swap along time ago, and posted about it here. I plan to put all things that inspire me above my art table. It is a small area but I want it to be special. I'll show you pictures soon. I still am not finished unpacking. I have worked the 12p-9p shift for the last 21 days and it seems like I have no time to get anything done. Laundry, dusting, cleaning, period. I need to take a vacation day or two to get some things done around here. I have chair railing to paint and put up. I have a guest bedroom and bath to paint. I have a curtain that I need to turn into two panels. I have my art area to finish unpacking and organize. My vanity looks like I dumped a few boxes of stuff on it. My car has boxes of things to be donated in it. So much to do, so little time.

I hope you have a lovely Monday. Oh and IAE is having an Art Challenge "Sun Kissed" this week. Check it out here.