Monday, August 22, 2011

How to make an envelope and Bird ATC and Tag

Things I've been making.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I love your bird tags and I love making envelopes. I use to make them all the time and you have inspired me to make them again just to have on hand. They were my inspiration to mail hand written letters instead of email. I think hand written letters are a work of art all their own. :)


  2. Everything you make is lovely Tammy! The envelopes are really pretty, and I like that the butterflies are on the inside - a little secret to find when you open up the envelope x

  3. OH my goodness, first off....WOW! Love your new look/layout. It's so you. :)

    Secondly, adore the little tutorial and your birds are just incredibly sweet.

    Thank you for your sweet love/comments for my father and I. Hugs

  4. Oh sweet friend ~ I've been making my rounds in blogland today saying thanks for all the heartfelt comments and positive wishes and yours was the last... Your continued friendship is priceless and only wish we lived closer still so we could share a calming drink, some warm laughter and a hug.
    Stay safe this weekend, ok!?
    Hugs to you always♥

  5. Hey there Sweets ~ just stopping by to say you're in our prayers, please stay safe and sound, ok!?! Sending you some (((♥Big Comforting Hugs♥)))

  6. Tammy, you're so creative! I've always wanted to make envelopes, now that I see it's so easy I will try it out :)

    I LOVE your bird tags! They're so fresh and sweet!

  7. This is my first visit to your blog. Colorful, inspirational and down right delightful. Thanks for having me.

    I'm having a GIVEAWAY if you would like to put your name in.

  8. Beautiful bird tag! I am enjoying looking around your blog and seeing all your lovely art!


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