Monday, August 8, 2011

Bird Tag Swap

I am hosting a Vintage Bird Tag Swap on Swap-bot. I'd love to have you join in on the fun. I participated in a Swap along time ago, and posted about it here. I plan to put all things that inspire me above my art table. It is a small area but I want it to be special. I'll show you pictures soon. I still am not finished unpacking. I have worked the 12p-9p shift for the last 21 days and it seems like I have no time to get anything done. Laundry, dusting, cleaning, period. I need to take a vacation day or two to get some things done around here. I have chair railing to paint and put up. I have a guest bedroom and bath to paint. I have a curtain that I need to turn into two panels. I have my art area to finish unpacking and organize. My vanity looks like I dumped a few boxes of stuff on it. My car has boxes of things to be donated in it. So much to do, so little time.

I hope you have a lovely Monday. Oh and IAE is having an Art Challenge "Sun Kissed" this week. Check it out here.



  1. You and I must be in the same boat...never enough time! Your Art Swap looks like a lot of fun...I didn't realize you went to the Bahamas! I am so far behind...but I had fun looking at what I missed♥

  2. Yes, Lisa, I believe we must be.So many fun things beckoning us and no time to play.


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