Friday, July 31, 2009

Save the date...for our BLOG PARTY

Tomorrow's the BIG day for Inspiration Avenue's Etsy Team Blog Party. Woohoo! Who doesn'tlove a good party. Lots of people to meet, prizes to win and friends to make. So hop on over here to see what kinds of things will be going on and what type of prizes you could win. Good Luck!!! It should be lots of fun. I'll be looking for you there.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weddings, weddings everywhere

Weddings are my thing lately. Between creating wedding guest books, reserved seating cards and now helping with planning a bridal shower. The bride-to-be is using a reddish orange for her brides maids dresses and her bouquet. Such a gorgeous color! I will take some photos of the tables and what not next weekend after we get it all decked out. Should be pretty. I have an April Cornell quilt that has the right colors and will be used for the food table and the round gift table will have a satin reddish orange table topper on it. It will have a somewhat vintage feel to it. I am excited to see how it all comes together. I just adore decorating!
Bridal showers do not need to be expensive to put on. I will make a post of how to throw one together for around $100. after next weekend. I love the challenge of a time crunch and a low budget. Call me crazy but it makes me get more creative.
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm back!

Wow, what a crazy month July has been around here. 2 week long vacations 1 week apart. Shwew. I have missed you all. I have so much to catch up on. This past week we were in Marion, VA for Jacks family reunion. Yes, a whole week. This is because family members come from all over. We had them from Florida, Alaska, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and DC. Sheesh!

There was an arts festival there this past weekend and so of coure being addicted to jewelry as I am, I had to buy two necklaces and a pr of earrings. We also had a funny little ferret passing by and the owner stopped to chat so I asked if I could get the little fellas picture and she obliged. Look at how darn cute he is. She said he hates to wear that little collar and if she lets him down he makes like a swimmer with his arms at his sides and wiggles his way out of it. Poor baby.

If only that branchwas not hanging down in the foreground, I would love this shot of the lake. But hey you cannot control mother nature and there was no way for me to move past it as it was at the waters edge in deeply thicketed area. Oh well I still love the bridge and the reflection of the trees on the water.
There was kayaking, biking, canoing, row boats, paddle boats, horsh shoes, swimming, a high and low dive on a platform out in the water. It was a fun place to be. It is called Hungry Mother State Park. Yeah, seriously. Hungry Mother. There's a story behind the name that goes something like a woman and her little one were captured and broke free only to make their way around the moutain when the mother ran out of energy to go on after not eating for days. The little one went on for help and alls it would say was"hungry mother...hungry mother" and led them to her. Okay, so I need to come visit come of your blogs, so I am off to do just that. So glad you came by to visit me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Blog Party!!!

Inspiration Avenue is hosting a Blog Party and what gal doesn't love a good party!! So get out your cocktail dresses and party hats and be prepared for treats because there's gonna be cupcakes, finger foods and prizes. Woohoo! I'm so excited about it. It's going to be so much fun, so pop on over and have a look at the details here: Inspiration Avenue
Wishing you a lazy day this summer to just put your feet up and daydream. I just love a few minutes to lay on the hammock and look at the sky. I hear the leaves rustling & birds chirping. I feel the breeze on my skin and see the blue sky surrounded by tree limbs all leafed out. A puffy white cloud passes over head every so often. Aaahhh...such a simple thing and yet so relaxing and invigorating. You should try it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

One thing turns into another

It's funny how we get started on one project and it leads to another. Kinda like my journals that turned into buyers looking for personalized guestbooks.

Remember this wedding guestbook I created, well the buyer contacted me to inquire if I could make her some Reserved seating signs for her wedding, as well. Well here they are. So now I am offering them in my etsy shop, too. So thank you ,Melissa for the nudge.

Tomorrow I will be posting about an upcoming blog party that I am so excited about. It's going to have giveaways. Can't wait to fill you in. So stop back by to read all about it.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Charleston Porches

Look at these gorgeous porches! Many of the homes had 2 and 3 either across the whole front of the home or across the front and wrapped around at least one of the sides. Lots of them have light blue ceilings and ceiling fans. The color is supposed to keep away bad spirits. I think it looks so fresh. So they offer some shade and look like accessories on a house. Gotta love form and function! That's the practical side of me talking. lol

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Charleston, SC vacation

I've missed you all so much. I hope you are enjoying your weather. This is just a small taste of Charleston, SC. We had a great time and I took over400 pictures. I nowhave to edit them so they'll load quickly. I'll be back with more. The architecture was awesome! So intricate and ornate. There were colorful homes with beautiful porches and balconies. There were flower boxes and iron gates everywhere. It is a photographers dream city to visit.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I promise to have some pics and a catch up post on here by tomorrow. I am overwhelmed with work, custom orders and visitors coming to stay tonight. Please forgive me. I have been thinking of all of you and hoping you haven't forgotten me. ;D
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