Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Glamorous jobs

Okay, so my job is not glamorous, by any means. Most days you will find me moving from the office to the dock to help unload trucks via many different pieces of power equipment. Not very ladylike, I know. My hands can confirm that statement. Lifting and moving large appliances, doors, windows, etc. makes a girls manicure not so pretty. My hands are working hands. No longer perfectly groomed nails with colorful polishes and soft as a babies bottom skin. Nope not anymore. I have nails that have been ripped down to the quick by being bent backwards trying to move one of those d---ed appliances. Grease from the forklift gets into the cracks of my fingers from time to time and then there I am with Softscrub and a scrub pad trying to get the darned cracks clean. Oy... So annoying trying to be all ladylike in my nice clothes and then having to hop onto a piece of equipment and move freight. I feel more masculine than my darned husband some days. He has soft skin on his hands and he works with computers and travels most days. Not fair!
I am a receiving clerk for a major home improvement store. Warehouse, I should say. Anyway, I take appts, answer the phone, file, work reports, send emails, process everything coming into the store, ship merchandise to other locations, etc, and then there is the filling in for the receivers part. That's where the equipment comes into play. I feel like an old trucker when I hop onto one of them. The guys accept me and admire my work ethic, but I really would like to have a girly job, I think. An office job would be fine. I could wear my nice clothes again , have perfectly manicured hands and not perspire (sweat is more like it, some days). But then, I would miss out on all of the extra multitasking that I do. I would probably be bored and I sure would miss my coworkers, so I will stay put for the time being. After vacation I will have nice nails and soft hands again.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Latest Wedding Guest Book

This Wedding Guest book was created for a fellow blogger and etsian, Ann. Ann and Eugene are getting married in their homeland of Ireland. Ann wanted something colorful and so cute that guests would be eager to sign the book. I hope she loves it. I put together 40 pages. This is only a sampling for you to see. It was so much fun to create for her. The pages are 8" x 8". There is plenty of room for her 130 guests to jot names, sentiments, advice and whatever else they choose to include for the bride and groom. Wish I could tag along with the package.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


We're going on vacation. Yay! My favorite time of the summer is when I get to have my whole family in one place. My son Chris, is going to college in NC, so we only get to see one another about 2 times a year. Not as much as we'd like to. Anyway, Chris was able to get off of work and join us in Florida, so I am so excited!
We leave Thursday evening after work. We will spend 4 days and nights in Orlando and then we are off to St. Augustine for the remainder of the week. We are not going to Disney, again because it seemed more geared towards younger kids to us. So we will be going to several other parks instead, like Sea World.
Speaking of parks, 2 of them will be water parks, so I went to try on bathing suits today and yikes! I may stick with some black shorts and a swim top. I am so not ready for a suit. But my family will bug me to death if I do not join in on the fun. My brother in law and his wife and daughter will join us as well. Should be a good time.
Where will you be going this summer? Any favorite places to drive on the weekend or maybe a day trip? I love those, also.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Swap!

Well, I was involved in a Summer Swap with a lovely fellow blogger by the name of Amy ( ). We were to create an item for eachother that meant summer to us. She was so sweet and hand wrapped each item in tissue paper, tempting me all the way. She included such fun items, like the market tote, in summery colors. It is the coolest! It was made with vintage fabric and it has a snap for easy storage in the car or your purse, etc. She sells them in her etsy shop. Also she included a small case that can hold many things from money, credit cards to personal items, etc. It is too cute! I also rec'd some lemom drops. Forgot they even made those, anymore. She made some nice cards with fabrics and stamps. Wasn't she so generous?! Thanks Amy!
Hugs, Tammy

Craft Swap

Well much to my delight I have made some wonderful blog friends. One of these lovely ladies blessed me with this package full of all sorts of goodies. I swapped with Anna in Poland ( ) for supplies. We have similar interests and likes, so it was fun and easy making up her package.
She sent me this gorgeous vintage inspired piece of wall art with a lovely poem. She also included some very pretty laces to embellish with, some teas, handstamped notes and a really cute postit note pad with a handmade holder. It's adorable. Wasn't she so generous?! What fun it was opening up this wonderful surprise! Thank you Anna!
hugs, Tammy

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dance party

Well the party Friday night was a hit. Everyone had a lot of fun. The guys were crazy out on the dance floor, with break dancing and just being their goofy selves. The girls looked so pretty. My daughter actually let me do an updo on her hair. That's very big for her to allow someone to mess with her hair. She picked out a style on the internet and to work I went. Then to top it off she asked me if I was going to do her makeup. Heck yeah, I thought to myself. I did thank her for indulging me, in the end.
Anyway, us parents (mostly moms) breathed a huge sigh of relief once it was over. So, this weekend was a quiet one with a little house cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry and basically taking it easy. It has been very nice indeed. Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sweet Sixteen! Yikes!

My daughter and her best friend are having their Sweet Sixteen Party this Friday night. I can hardly believe it. It was just the other day that she was 1, darn it! The theme is Hollywood, so we have gone to town with the decor and balloons and such. It will be fun. They have invited 100 people but hopefully will have around 70ish show up, due to it being graduation weekend.
We rented a ballroom as there will be dancing on the dance floor under the disco ball and strobe lights, and gold, silver, black and white balloons. The centerpieces are the black director clapboards, you know the ones for each take. The fabric table toppers are a see through fabric with gold and silver stars. The cake will have their pictures on it and then their is an autograph picture of the two of them for their friends to sign. Each girl will have her own. There will be champagne flutes for the punch or beverage of their choice and lots of finger foods. We have 50' rolls of the LA night scene as the backdrop. A loud stereo system and plenty of dance music that they have compiled. Should be fun. I will tryto take pictures to post; I say try because I don't want to ambarrass her by blatantly taking photos. Gosh knows at this age you have to kinda stay in the background unless they need something. lol
In my time, not that I am sooo old (40), you did not hear about Sweet Sixteen parties, however our HR assistant said she had one and she is 24 yrs. old. Around here, everyone has them. My daughter is making me go broke with all of the sweet 16 parties she has attended this year. She has 1 or 2 on most weekends. Sheesh! Did you or your child have one? I only had 2 birthday parties. One for my 5th birthday (my friend David gave me this green apple perfume, my mom could always smell it from the other room, much to her dismay =) and one for my 33rd birthday.
Well, I must run. Have to package up some swap goodies.
Have a lovely day!
~ Tammy