Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dance party

Well the party Friday night was a hit. Everyone had a lot of fun. The guys were crazy out on the dance floor, with break dancing and just being their goofy selves. The girls looked so pretty. My daughter actually let me do an updo on her hair. That's very big for her to allow someone to mess with her hair. She picked out a style on the internet and to work I went. Then to top it off she asked me if I was going to do her makeup. Heck yeah, I thought to myself. I did thank her for indulging me, in the end.
Anyway, us parents (mostly moms) breathed a huge sigh of relief once it was over. So, this weekend was a quiet one with a little house cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry and basically taking it easy. It has been very nice indeed. Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.


  1. Hello!
    It is okej. I will not be mad on you =) I hope that your girl had it real nice on her brithday party. You do not have an sweet sixtheen here so I am not known with that fenomen. Here you have party when you goet 18 (when you are an adult on tha paper) and 20 when you can go to the alcoholestor and by alcohol =)
    Hugs Ida

  2. Tammy, Looks like your daughter's Sweet 16 was a huge success! I didn't realize these parties were so popular either, until the last year or so! Ashley is only 14 1/2, so she hasn't made too many plans yet. But my neice, Katie will turn 16, in October, and you would think they were planning a wedding! LOL!!! Hope you were able to rest this weekend! You deserved it...and your daughter looked beautiful!

    Hugs, Rhonda ;)


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