Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Glamorous jobs

Okay, so my job is not glamorous, by any means. Most days you will find me moving from the office to the dock to help unload trucks via many different pieces of power equipment. Not very ladylike, I know. My hands can confirm that statement. Lifting and moving large appliances, doors, windows, etc. makes a girls manicure not so pretty. My hands are working hands. No longer perfectly groomed nails with colorful polishes and soft as a babies bottom skin. Nope not anymore. I have nails that have been ripped down to the quick by being bent backwards trying to move one of those d---ed appliances. Grease from the forklift gets into the cracks of my fingers from time to time and then there I am with Softscrub and a scrub pad trying to get the darned cracks clean. Oy... So annoying trying to be all ladylike in my nice clothes and then having to hop onto a piece of equipment and move freight. I feel more masculine than my darned husband some days. He has soft skin on his hands and he works with computers and travels most days. Not fair!
I am a receiving clerk for a major home improvement store. Warehouse, I should say. Anyway, I take appts, answer the phone, file, work reports, send emails, process everything coming into the store, ship merchandise to other locations, etc, and then there is the filling in for the receivers part. That's where the equipment comes into play. I feel like an old trucker when I hop onto one of them. The guys accept me and admire my work ethic, but I really would like to have a girly job, I think. An office job would be fine. I could wear my nice clothes again , have perfectly manicured hands and not perspire (sweat is more like it, some days). But then, I would miss out on all of the extra multitasking that I do. I would probably be bored and I sure would miss my coworkers, so I will stay put for the time being. After vacation I will have nice nails and soft hands again.

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  1. ..but still a job :)

    so, we do have something similar in carreer. One of the office I am in is a warehouse @ the airport, so forklift, loading, unloading, pallets and everything else is familiar...except me carrying the cargo and goods

    happy weeekend


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