Sunday, June 22, 2008


We're going on vacation. Yay! My favorite time of the summer is when I get to have my whole family in one place. My son Chris, is going to college in NC, so we only get to see one another about 2 times a year. Not as much as we'd like to. Anyway, Chris was able to get off of work and join us in Florida, so I am so excited!
We leave Thursday evening after work. We will spend 4 days and nights in Orlando and then we are off to St. Augustine for the remainder of the week. We are not going to Disney, again because it seemed more geared towards younger kids to us. So we will be going to several other parks instead, like Sea World.
Speaking of parks, 2 of them will be water parks, so I went to try on bathing suits today and yikes! I may stick with some black shorts and a swim top. I am so not ready for a suit. But my family will bug me to death if I do not join in on the fun. My brother in law and his wife and daughter will join us as well. Should be a good time.
Where will you be going this summer? Any favorite places to drive on the weekend or maybe a day trip? I love those, also.



  1. Hello!
    I hope that you hade a real good vacation =) Have you got my pacage yet?
    Hugs Ida

  2. What a fun vacation! Can't wait til my kids are old enough for a trip like that!



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