Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sweet Sixteen! Yikes!

My daughter and her best friend are having their Sweet Sixteen Party this Friday night. I can hardly believe it. It was just the other day that she was 1, darn it! The theme is Hollywood, so we have gone to town with the decor and balloons and such. It will be fun. They have invited 100 people but hopefully will have around 70ish show up, due to it being graduation weekend.
We rented a ballroom as there will be dancing on the dance floor under the disco ball and strobe lights, and gold, silver, black and white balloons. The centerpieces are the black director clapboards, you know the ones for each take. The fabric table toppers are a see through fabric with gold and silver stars. The cake will have their pictures on it and then their is an autograph picture of the two of them for their friends to sign. Each girl will have her own. There will be champagne flutes for the punch or beverage of their choice and lots of finger foods. We have 50' rolls of the LA night scene as the backdrop. A loud stereo system and plenty of dance music that they have compiled. Should be fun. I will tryto take pictures to post; I say try because I don't want to ambarrass her by blatantly taking photos. Gosh knows at this age you have to kinda stay in the background unless they need something. lol
In my time, not that I am sooo old (40), you did not hear about Sweet Sixteen parties, however our HR assistant said she had one and she is 24 yrs. old. Around here, everyone has them. My daughter is making me go broke with all of the sweet 16 parties she has attended this year. She has 1 or 2 on most weekends. Sheesh! Did you or your child have one? I only had 2 birthday parties. One for my 5th birthday (my friend David gave me this green apple perfume, my mom could always smell it from the other room, much to her dismay =) and one for my 33rd birthday.
Well, I must run. Have to package up some swap goodies.
Have a lovely day!
~ Tammy


  1. My goodness, what a PARTY!!! Your daughter is REALLY LUCKY. When I see my children,I often wondered how they grew up so fast, it seems only yesterday that I was changing their pampers, now the eldest is 11. The only birthday I remembered was a photo of me turning 1, and when I turned 21 (just recently anyway...kidding), but nothing as lavish as yours now.

    Enjoy and cant wait to see the rest.

    Hugs always :)

  2. What a wonderful party for the girls and their friends

  3. Wow, sounds like a good time, Happy Sweet Sixteen to your daughter. I've only had 2 big birthday party's that I remember one for my 30th, and then my 40th!!
    My daughter had a party but it was a movie and Outback with about 10 friends. Yours sounds like so much fun. Have a great time.
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my new grandson.

    PS can't wait to see pictures, lots and lots of picture, if you need a photographer, haha!!


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