Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gypsy Dreams Party

Ah, you've come to join the gypsy caravan. Please do come in and enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage. French Designer Jeanne Bayol designed these lovely outdoor settings and the lavish bedroom below. It feels like a hug. The bold use of color and patterns along with textures just seem to meld together perfectly, don't they?.
I collect lanterns. We have them all over our backyard and on the tables. There is nothing quite as romantic as candlelight. It just makes the setting feel magical. Apparently Jeanne feels the same as I do. Imagine the sweet dreams you could have while floating above the ground in this cozy bed. You can watch the fireflies dance by, count the stars and listen to the leaves rustle in the trees. aaah... Learn how to make one yourself Here.
This pretty blue and green gypsy wagon, above was made by 2 traveling artists. Their blog is called The Adventures of the Wandering Book Artists. They have done a fantastic job making it quaint. Their blog is a travelogue of sorts. They are out on the West coast and share lots of images along the way. Fun stuff. Well have fun visiting the other gypsy caravan parties HERE.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fun ATC's

I've been making lots of ATC's lately. The first was to make my swap partner laugh. She likes nature and it was senders choice. The second and third were for a Things with Wings swap. Both ATC's were for the same partner. She likes vintage, hearts, flowers and her name started with the letter E.

If you have not tried making an ATC (Artist Trading Card) before, it is fun and freeing. It measures 2.5"x3.5". It is a small space to create on. They have no limits and they aren't expensive to make. You get to use all of your scraps, stamps, paints, embellishments, ephemera, etc. They can be flat or dimensional. The base (your canvas) can be made using card stock, metal, stiffened fabric, cardboard, leather, etc. There are no rules except for the size. That has to be 2.5"x3.5". If you feel like it try it. It's fun! Everybody's doing it. lol