Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gypsy Dreams Party

Ah, you've come to join the gypsy caravan. Please do come in and enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage. French Designer Jeanne Bayol designed these lovely outdoor settings and the lavish bedroom below. It feels like a hug. The bold use of color and patterns along with textures just seem to meld together perfectly, don't they?.
I collect lanterns. We have them all over our backyard and on the tables. There is nothing quite as romantic as candlelight. It just makes the setting feel magical. Apparently Jeanne feels the same as I do. Imagine the sweet dreams you could have while floating above the ground in this cozy bed. You can watch the fireflies dance by, count the stars and listen to the leaves rustle in the trees. aaah... Learn how to make one yourself Here.
This pretty blue and green gypsy wagon, above was made by 2 traveling artists. Their blog is called The Adventures of the Wandering Book Artists. They have done a fantastic job making it quaint. Their blog is a travelogue of sorts. They are out on the West coast and share lots of images along the way. Fun stuff. Well have fun visiting the other gypsy caravan parties HERE.


  1. lovely post! I am now following the book people. that wagon bed is awesome. the hanging bed, while very cool looking, would be to scary to sleep in (falling out, and wild animals etc)

    have fun and many happy gypsy dreams!

  2. I could stay all day in your gyspy land!! Love it! Shine on!! xo

  3. I love these posts...the bed, the lanterns...and that pretty green gypsy wagon...gosh...i want them all...thank you, thank you for sharing!

  4. Tammy, WOW, looks fantastic- what a party, I would love to be there in the pink gipsy world, :)

  5. Hi Tammy,

    What a great gypsy post -- I love the photos! The daydream bed outdoors is just awesome...

    Sweet Gypsy Dreams,

  6. Wonderful pictures. I love the gypsy style very much, all those wonderful, vibrant colours. I have a lot of lanterns in the home and candles ( Maroccan) too.
    Have a magical day and thank you very much for sharing.

  7. Oh how gorgeous! These images just make me want to run away and live inside the romantic notion of being a Gypsy. Well done, Tammy.

  8. OMG I love your Gypsy pics very cool WOW I put mine in today.
    I love all the goings on here on your blog wow you have been a busy girl!!!
    Inspiring me to get on some things I have on my craft desk!!

  9. I LOVE your pictures! I will have to check out the traveling artists blog....very pretty. Thank you so much for participating!!

  10. The floating bed looks awesome. I bet I could beat back insomnia and sleep on that puppy. I love these photo's!! Love the burst of color all over the place. Hugs. Tammy

    Don't forget the Giveaway!

  11. Oh WOW, what an incredible post- I love everything you've shown here! I've been wanting to redo my bedroom, and now I'm sorely tempted to take inspiration with the one you've shown- love all those textures, patterns and COLOR! Might have to skip the pink tho- don't know if my hubby would go for that ;)
    I've love to see some pictures of your lanterns as well...pleeease?

  12. I am glad I stopped in to see this post...the stuff dreams are made of!

  13. How how I loved your post! Just lovely! So Dreamy!


  14. I love the glow of soft light too, my mom collected oil (sometimes called hurricane) lamps. When she passed I inherited her collection. Nothing makes a room more serene than the soft glow! May all your Gypsy Dreams come true!

  15. ok ... now that I have seen these I'm putting up my house for sale and moving in to one of these!!! I want to be a gypsy if I could live like this!! Loooove these Tammy! so wonderful and magic!!!really makes just want to stare at the pics all day! xoxo Patti

  16. What a beautiful and inspiring post!

    That decor is just magical and yes very warm and comforting too - you hit the nail on the head with "just like a hug!"

    The bed is fabulous, I'd love to lie in there - though I think I'd be too scared to fall asleep in case I feel out! xx

  17. I love the bedrooms and the beds, especially the floating bed. I would put a mosquito netting around it, then I could sleep in my backyard - have to check the book artists blog. Thanks for a beautiful post! Love, Linda

  18. oh wow, how beautiful, I want one!
    Lovely to find you! I changed my blog from heavenleighart to julieannfrances.blogspot.
    :) Julie


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