Sunday, January 30, 2011

OWOH has arrived!

Hello and welcome! I would like to thank the sweet Lisa Swifka, our lovely hostess for OWOH, whom has been such a doll putting all of this together. It is a huge undertaking, I am sure keeping up with well over 1,000 blog postings. Yikes! I have participated in the last 4 years and I have loved meeting bloggers from all over the globe.
So let me begin by telling you a little about myself. First of all I am very creative. You will often find me with my camera up to my face shooting whatever tickles my fancy. Below are some of those things.
I am an artist & photographer living in a beautiful and charming town in South Carolina, USA. I am a mother to two grown children. I am a wife, a sister, a daughter and a friend to many and hopefully many more after OWOH. I love my family deeply. I love to go thrifting. The thrill of the hunt and finding a treasure is exciting. I am drawn to antique linens, laces, papers, and skeleton keys. I love coffee, caramel and ice cream. Yum! They make a nice treat combined, too. I love to make others laugh. It does my heart good to see someone smile.

Below is a calendar for the month of February. Just click to enlarge, then right click and save.
Below is a tea towel that I stained with vanilla coffee and added a fleur de lis design to, along with a mini notepad perfect for your pocket or purse. One of you will win these and some additional goodies. Just leave a comment and on February 17th a winner will be drawn and announced.Good luck! It was nice meeting you.
Don't forget to click on the OWOH link above to go back to the link list.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A smile is contagious and Wendnesday Word Challenge Answers

I photographed this pretty dune at Myrtle Beach. I love how cheerful it looks with color. The sepia tone is pretty too but it lends a bit of loneliness, which leads into today's post.
Forewarning, this is a long but meaningful post.

Because I am in retail, I say hello with a smile to everyone whom I come in contact with. Sometimes they walk on by without so much as a nod or even making eye contact. This used to bother me but after 6+yrs, I figured out that there may be many reasons for this reception. One being that they may be having a rough time in life, another being they have become callus and don't care how they make others feel, and another is that they may be having a bad day. So I keep these things in mind when I am shopping and someone greets me. A smile is such a simple thing to offer someone. It can make you feel so good to get one and for me to give one.
Sometimes that is all someone needs. I believe a smile is contagious. It is hard to not smile back when someone smiles at you. I've tested this theory.

A smile and an offer to help often is followed by a relieved expression and into a conversation.While helping customers I often build a relationship with them. It may be a short lived one but they confide in me so that I can help them figure out how to do something or sometimes it has nothing to do with the project and it is just because they need an ear.

I had a lady come in and told me she needed a new back door and a storm door. After talking with her to find out her needs it was revealed to me that her late husbands mother passed away earlier this month, so she went out of town to make all of the funeral arrangements and get her affairs in order and when she returned home, her own home had been broken into and her late husbands wedding band was stolen. She explained how callous the police had been and asked the value of the ring and then she had tears rolling down her cheeks and told me that the ring had great sentimental value and that his grandmother had made their wedding rings, as she was a jeweler. She didn't feel safe. She was hurt and angry, as you can imagine. I made arrangements for her doors to be installed right away and she left with a smile and thanked me for listening and all of my help. That made my heart smile knowing I could help her in my own small way. She will be in my thoughts for a very long time.
So, remember sometimes people need a warm smile even if they don't return it. You never know why they are the way they are. Right now so many of us are experiencing tough times, barely able to make ends meet, if at all and you can offer a a small bit of sunshine with something as simple as a smile. So go show your pearly whites and see how many you get in return and know that some of those people needed that more than you know.
Yesterday I posted these 3 famous quotes with missing words. The challenge was for you to figure out which words are missing. Well here are the answers.

"When one door closes, another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us." ~ Alexander Graham Bell

"Two peas in a pod"

"Oysters on the half shell"

Thanks for playing Mina and Lisa!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Word Challenge

Hi there! Okay so I racked my brain to come up with something fun for today's challenge and this is what I came up with. Here are 3 famous quotes with missing words. The challenge then is for you to figure out which words are missing. Leave them in your comments. Have fun!

"When one _closes, _ _ _" Do you know who spoke this famous quote, originally?

"_ _ in a _"

"_ on the half_"

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Inspiration Avenue's challenge

Inspiration Avenue had a challenge this past week asking what our favorite month was and to put it into art or photos or a poem, jewelry whatever have you. Mine is October so I chose 2 of my photos that I think best represents that. I chose October because harvest season starts, the air starts to get a little chilly, the leaves on the trees change into the most awesome show of colors, Halloween, pumpkins, we can throw open the windows and let the fresh air in, apple picking, the colors. These are some of my favorite things about October, well fall for that matter. After a long hot summer I welcome the cooler temperatures and snuggling in a throw and the soft scent of a burning candle and the flicker and crackle of a fire pit . What's your favorite month and why?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Answers to Word Challenge Wednesday

Yesterdays Word Wednesday Challenge was 3 words and 3 definitions to choose from. If you have ever played the game Balderdash than you know how fun it can be. Some of the most ridiculous definitions tossed in by friends and family to fool you. The answers;
a. act of fashioning or making a work of art
(You've be fabrefactioning and you didn't even know it)
b. the falling of icicles from a house (who knew?)
c. ornamented

I found all of these cool odd words at a website called The Phrontistery.It is a compilation of lost words. I found it intriguing to browse through. Hope to see you here next Wednesday for another fun Word Challenge.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some fun photo art and Word Wednesday Challenge

Big Huge Labs is a really cool site where you can create your own motivational posters, puzzles, make your images look like magazine covers, postmarked images, Pop art and all sorts of really cool stuff. It's so fun!! The above stamp was made using the image from my balcony when we vacationed in Aruba several years ago. A tulip from my garden last spring turned into a puzzle.

I could play around with it for hours. I just may do that too on a day off. I found an inspirational quote online and made my own title and put that and an image together to make the poster above. After looking and looking for a quote that I liked I fell in love with this one. How perfect. It epitomizes motherhood to me. Below is pop art featuring moi, just for fun.

So go have some fun with it but don't blame me if you get sucked in and lose track of time like I did.
Okay, okay onto the word challenge. This weeks challenge is fun and simple. Some of you may know the game Balderdash. Well our family loves playing this game when we all get together. The idea behind it is to make others believe your answer is the correct one. So I have a couple of words for you to figure out. One of the 3 meanings is correct. You choose which one and put your answer in your comments. I will let you all know the answers in Thursdays post. Have fun! No cheating and Googling it. =)
1. fabrefaction
a. act of fashioning or making a work of art
b. fashioning a garment with multiple fabrics
c. multiple fabrications
2. stiricide
a. the combining of chemicals to form a pest control formula
b. the falling of icicles from a house
c. the death of the stirrup pants trend
3. phalerate
a. scientific name for an orchids cross propagation
b. a reaction to eating hot curry
c. ornamented
If you would like to invite others to play Word Challenge Wednesday, please add the button in my sidebar and a link back here.
Have a wonderful Wednesday! We are half way through the week.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Queensland Flood Auction

Who says blogging is just for fun? Well, I do but it is also a wonderful way to bring people from all over the world together for a great cause. The one I am referring to is the Queensland Australia Flood Appeal . There is a blog set up for the auction and 100% of the proceeds go to the Queensland Government Flood Relief Appeal to help those families who have lost everything. You can read how these ladies came up with the idea here. 3/4 of this state has been declared a disaster zone. It is so sad to think of losing everything we own and having no place to live, sleep or just be. So click on the links I have highlighted or the button up above to be directed to the awesome auction. It is amazing how generous people can be for a good cause. Check it out.

What inspires me? COLOR

Inspiration Avenue has a weekly Art Challenge and this weeks prompt was What Inspires You. Well, these images of mine are what inspires me. Rich colors, texture, papers, nature, art, chippy paint and the combination of turquoise and red.

Hop on over and see what inspires these other artists. Your sure to be in for a treat.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A day at the shore poem

Okay I have been hosting Word Wednesday here for the past 2 weeks. This weeks challenge was to write a poem using as many or as little of the words from the list in this post. So after puling out my hair trying to complete my own darn challenge, here is what I came up with:A day at the sea shore where the sun warms the soul
and a bit of relaxation is always the goal
there by the harbor sits a child on a swing
watching the pelicans deep sea fishing
I see a little yellow boat about to set sail
the passengers hoping for a glimpse of the endangered blue whale.
I can hear leaves rustling in the wind
as I sit with the sunshine warming my skin
I watch as the seagulls frolic at the waters edge
it must be so nice to fly out to sea
and leave this land with not a single worry.

So I am not a poet and yes I know it. Sorry to be so lame but it is my game. Okay okay I am sorry to be dragging this on I'll just let it be. See see see.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Word Challenge Wednesday

Today's challenge is to write a poem rhyming or not, does not matter using as many or as little of the following words:

hand, bird, bless, sea, wind, sunshine, sky, has, blue, back, tree, fly, sail, little, sing, were, the, at, are, childhood, nature, see, be, believe, sail, lift, boat, have, harbor, shore, big, gray, sit, yellow, window, red, you, we, nest, water, is, leaf, been, swim

You may make any word plural, past tense or add "ing".

Have fun and leave your link or your poem in the comment section for all of us to enjoy. Thanks for playing and grab my button and link in the sidebar if you want to invite others to play along with us on Word Challenge Wednesday. I can't wait to see what you all come up with.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Domestically speaking

The weather outside is frightful...what with all of the freezing rain. The palm fronds were encased in ice. What's wrong with that picture?! So I spent my day off tinkering.

I was feeling very domestic today and decided to make something pretty. Well I ended up making four tea towels. I prewashed them then hand dyed them in vanilla bean coffee and then added the images and voila we have four pretty and yummy smelling tea towels.

They are now in my shop.
I also tried my hand at making linen roses and decided to put 3 together to make a pin. I was thinking it would be a fun way to dress up a sweater or a wool jacket. To age them I put them over a flame and burnt the edges and then used one of my fabric inks to dye the raised areas. I like how it came out. What do you think?
And last but not least I wanted something else romantic and pretty so I tried this cool technique where you cut silky fabric into circles in varying sizes, then cut slits in them around the perimeter and then using tongs you hold them above the flame until they start to curl. Best be very careful during that part. You know what a marshmallow looks like when it is held too close. Well let's just say my fabric circles went up in flames more than once. Chalk it up to playing with fire. I personally like the look of the slightly burnt edges so I did that here and there. Then to finish them you simply add a brad to the center and a piece of fabric to the back to hold them together and then a pin. Voila you have a pretty accessory.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Dream in Color

I dream in submissions for this weeks Challenge at Inspiration Avenue.
The prompt was do you dream in color. I do, so I chose some of my photographs to represent some of the vivid colors I dream in. I am always drawn to vivid colors for my photos, but I also love to create art in muted romantic speia tones, as well. Like some of these items, I've sold.
Every week there is a fun art challenge at Inspiration Avenue. Come join in the fun. There is a monthly giveaway that given to one lucky participant from that months art challenge. Pop on over to check it out HERE. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. OWOH starts at the end of the month. Click on the button in my sidebar to learn more.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Free image to play with and the Unscramble

Just look at this cool blue/turquoise door. It is an antique and has the coolest chippy paint job.
This door graces a fun restaurant on Folly Beach called Taco Boy. I am in love with it. lol The colors, the texture, the hardware...aaah...Anyway, it is free for you to use in your art. Here are some more pictures of the interior:I love the authentic Mexican decor. They have the coolest light fixtures all over the ceiling. They have handmade and hand carved masks on the walls not to mentions some awesome tacos and salsa. We're not talking your everyday tacos either. Sure they have those too but they also offer some unusual menu items like; spic Mexican pork sausage and potatoes, Tempura or sauteed shrimp, Baja and Ahi tuna, Flank steak, grilled fish, etc. And all sorts of Margarita's. Yum! Anyway, if you ever come to the Charleston area, you can be sure you will enjoy a drink or meal here.
Okay, yesterday, I gave 4 scrambled words to figure out. Here are the words unscrambled;
Mina got 3 of the words and Lisa got all 4 so great job ladies! I love word puzzles! Next Wednesday we will have a different type of Word post. Come join in the fun if you want. Add your own link in the comments so we can come see your Word Wednesday post also. It can be anything having to do with words. A poem, a quote, a definition, a tongue twister, a riddle, a scramble, whatever. I have added a button to my sidebar if you care to add it. Maybe others will want to come play with us. It is in my sidebar.
Have a lovely Thursday friends.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Word Wednesday Challenge

I have deemed (makes me sounds like a queen or something) Wednesdays to be Word Wednesdays. I will have a riddle, a word scramble, a tongue twister or something fun every Wednesday. Add a link in your comments to your own, if you'd like to have some fun with us.

So today's word challenge will be to unscramble the following words:


Hints in order: blue skies, cheer, cold month, what we hope to gain from one another. You can leave the answers in your comments or not. Have fun! Tomorrow I will list the answers. Oh and I made the button above if you want to add it to our sidebar so others can play with us.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

OWOH is coming at the end of the month and the riddle answer

Lisa Swifka is once again hosting the ever so much fun One World One Heart which is a Worldwide event for bloggers only. You get to blog hop and meet kindred spirits, discover new artists, crafters, new friends, etc. It is a whole lot of fun! I participated in the last 3 out of 4 and I will be participating again this year. Oh and did I mention that there are loads of giveaways, too? Last year there were over 1000 participants from all over the globe.

This is the final year for OWOH, as Lisa says it feels right to end it here. It is quite the undertaking as you might imagine. Anyway, you can click on the flyer above or the button on my sidebar to learn more. I can't wait!
And a little fella to make you smile. Remember a couple of summers ago his owner was walking around with him on her shoulder at the Arts Festival. Isn't he adorable?!

The answer to the riddle yesterday is: the "Happy Birthday" song!