Monday, January 10, 2011

Domestically speaking

The weather outside is frightful...what with all of the freezing rain. The palm fronds were encased in ice. What's wrong with that picture?! So I spent my day off tinkering.

I was feeling very domestic today and decided to make something pretty. Well I ended up making four tea towels. I prewashed them then hand dyed them in vanilla bean coffee and then added the images and voila we have four pretty and yummy smelling tea towels.

They are now in my shop.
I also tried my hand at making linen roses and decided to put 3 together to make a pin. I was thinking it would be a fun way to dress up a sweater or a wool jacket. To age them I put them over a flame and burnt the edges and then used one of my fabric inks to dye the raised areas. I like how it came out. What do you think?
And last but not least I wanted something else romantic and pretty so I tried this cool technique where you cut silky fabric into circles in varying sizes, then cut slits in them around the perimeter and then using tongs you hold them above the flame until they start to curl. Best be very careful during that part. You know what a marshmallow looks like when it is held too close. Well let's just say my fabric circles went up in flames more than once. Chalk it up to playing with fire. I personally like the look of the slightly burnt edges so I did that here and there. Then to finish them you simply add a brad to the center and a piece of fabric to the back to hold them together and then a pin. Voila you have a pretty accessory.


  1. Very pretty towels and flowers. I flunked making flowers so applaud you for yours!

    The towels are so simple, but stunning.

    Hope you're have a great week!


  2. Hi,dear Tammy:-)*

    OH,my...I like you roses realy,very much!!!
    They are softly nice,romantic,just SO lovely!!!

    Thank you SO very for your visit and your warm,beautiful comment by me:-)*

    Cheers,much Love to you,

  3. Love the roses, pretty and romantic!

  4. You are so creative. The towels are so quaint and the roses are beautiful. I like the burnt edge look as well.

  5. Ice on palm fronds? that doesn't sound
    Love your towels and flowers. I just saw some flowers similar to the second ones on a blog the other day. Sounds like fun with the flame :)

  6. Well Hello Ms. Martha Stewart! Look at you, you domestic diva artist you! I'm so jealous! You get so much done in a day and all so yummy and clever!

    I had a lovely visit with you this evening. Your blog is delicious with so many pretty things to see. And what could more fun than a word scramble game! I love it! And the Taco Boy door. Beautiful!

    And, from your blog, I got set up for OWOH which I had not gotten around to doing yet. I missed it last year but did it the year before. So thanks for making it so easy to get there and get that done!

    Art and inspiration galore here! Before I go, just want to officially say, hope all your wishes come true in the new year!

  7. Those tea towels are gorgeous! Someday when my daughters aren't trashing ALL the available towels weekly with their hair dye adventures, I would LOVE to have something so pretty!
    Stay warm

  8. love your teatowels and vintage art..have treated myself to one of your getting journals in the post


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