Thursday, January 6, 2011

Free image to play with and the Unscramble

Just look at this cool blue/turquoise door. It is an antique and has the coolest chippy paint job.
This door graces a fun restaurant on Folly Beach called Taco Boy. I am in love with it. lol The colors, the texture, the hardware...aaah...Anyway, it is free for you to use in your art. Here are some more pictures of the interior:I love the authentic Mexican decor. They have the coolest light fixtures all over the ceiling. They have handmade and hand carved masks on the walls not to mentions some awesome tacos and salsa. We're not talking your everyday tacos either. Sure they have those too but they also offer some unusual menu items like; spic Mexican pork sausage and potatoes, Tempura or sauteed shrimp, Baja and Ahi tuna, Flank steak, grilled fish, etc. And all sorts of Margarita's. Yum! Anyway, if you ever come to the Charleston area, you can be sure you will enjoy a drink or meal here.
Okay, yesterday, I gave 4 scrambled words to figure out. Here are the words unscrambled;
Mina got 3 of the words and Lisa got all 4 so great job ladies! I love word puzzles! Next Wednesday we will have a different type of Word post. Come join in the fun if you want. Add your own link in the comments so we can come see your Word Wednesday post also. It can be anything having to do with words. A poem, a quote, a definition, a tongue twister, a riddle, a scramble, whatever. I have added a button to my sidebar if you care to add it. Maybe others will want to come play with us. It is in my sidebar.
Have a lovely Thursday friends.


  1. That looks like a fun restaurant and that blue door is gorgeous! I love old doors and the color blue! Hope you are having a great day. Tammy

  2. How funny that we both posted about a Mexican restaurant...Great minds do think alike, lol!

    Taco Boy sounds yummy! I'm craving some Mexican food. But I would go there just to walk through that door, what an awesome color ~ I hope they never repaint it.

    I love the Word Scramble!
    What fun!

  3. Wonderful picture! Thank you so much.

    Inspiration...I should have known that. :-)

    I grabbed your lovely pink Good Words button for my sidebar.

  4. See, I really have to get on the Blog track! I LOVE word scrambles and would have been right in the mix with this one! I try my best to check in next week to participate. And that door is gorgeous- I LOVE pieces like that! Also love your new background!

  5. Hey another tammy,
    Wow that is one cool door. I love chippy and peeling paint. That must mean the food inside is wonderful.

    thanks for entering my giveaway..may 2011 bring loads of creativity to you.

    Okay so now we have all three tammy's at the top of this comment list..hee hee

  6. thanks for the photos of the door..what a marvellous place that looks like..great


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