Thursday, January 20, 2011

Answers to Word Challenge Wednesday

Yesterdays Word Wednesday Challenge was 3 words and 3 definitions to choose from. If you have ever played the game Balderdash than you know how fun it can be. Some of the most ridiculous definitions tossed in by friends and family to fool you. The answers;
a. act of fashioning or making a work of art
(You've be fabrefactioning and you didn't even know it)
b. the falling of icicles from a house (who knew?)
c. ornamented

I found all of these cool odd words at a website called The Phrontistery.It is a compilation of lost words. I found it intriguing to browse through. Hope to see you here next Wednesday for another fun Word Challenge.


  1. hi tammy!
    so funny! it sounds so
    dastardly! really fun...
    thanks for sharing:)


  2. Haha! The icicle definition of stiricide seemed like the least likely one! I was looking at some wicked icicles hanging from my roof the other day and thinking wow, one of those would go right through a person! Stiricide, indeed!

  3. ha ha ladies! I love your thought Maggie. lol

  4. These word challenges are great! I need every chance I get to exercise my seemingly sometimes hazy brain.

  5. stomach brick kept me from blogging...I hate to miss games. But, since I hate to lose, it is just as well, prolly would have been frustratingly persuasive about what I didn't know :D


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