Sunday, August 15, 2010

New camera lens

Here is a banner I made. I took a picture of my butterfly bush and then lightened it and voila. Feel free to use it if you'd like.

Ihad to test out my new lens. Mom and DH bought me one for my birthday. It has been fun playing with it but also has let me know that I am a bit shaky even when holding my breath. lol I may need to use my tripod if I want to take some serious photos.
Well I have to tell you this packing is for the birds but it made me declutter and donate more than usual. Charleston or bust, baby! Below is one of the images I took last year while in Charleston, SC. I'm excited! This will be the first time my husband and I have been without children under the same roof. Should be interesting and fun.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Things that make me smile and I'm moving!

Nature. I love sunrises and sunsets. They are a magical time of day. They always make me grateful to be alive. I always am thankful for the show.
Spending quality time with my family. It doesn't happen enough. Both kids are off doing their own thing. I love it when we can be together.

My husband, Jack loves a little nap now and then. While he is napping, he always covers his face with his ball cap. There's always a beer at hand should he need a refreshing sip. A guy gets thirsty during those power naps. ;D
Our daughter, Alex lounging on the hammock but she's still texting on her blasted phone. It's never far from reach. She only texts on it pretty much. Who needs to talk when you can type and read at the speed of light. Handwritten letters only go out when there is a thank you note, other than that it's texting with her. No facebook, no emails, no phone calls. Keeps life simple that way.
My Dog Chance. He is a precious little fella. He is 10-1/2 years now and still plays like a puppy. He gets excited sometimes when I come home and does 2 laps around the house and then jumps up on the couch out of breath. ;D He is a lover. Loves to be held, loves to lay on or near you and is so easy going. I think it is from growing up with my daughter who used to put him in her veterinarian case, opened and doctor him up. lol I have photos. Too cute. Plus she always held him belly up like a baby. He is my shadow.

So I got a job in Charleston, SC and I move on the 20th. Yikes! I was just offered the job this past Thursday and I start on the 23rd. I have been packing up a storm and cleaning and trying to stage the house. Are any of you in Charleston, SC or near so we can finally meet? I would love to meet some bloggers on an occasional basis. Maybe do some art, lunch, drinks, dinner, I don't know but it would be fun!