Sunday, May 19, 2013

Angie's Art Journal White

This is Month 3 of the Magical Art Journal Journey, where myself and 8 other artists pass on an art journal that has a color theme to it. In the end we will all have nine or more layouts full of artwork by the others. A real treasure.  So this month I had the privilege of working in Angie's Art Journal. Angie chose WHITE for her  color theme.
While this may intimidate some, I couldn't wait to get started. White is such a serene color. She said we could use any shade of white and add an accent color if we chose to. I work at a home improvement store and let me tell you, there are oodles of shades of white. I'm amazed at how different each of them look in different lighting and next to other colors.
It was so fun working in White as I am comfortable creating vintage feeling things. I love creams and tans and things that are worn and tattered just a bit. Well like me. Ha just kidding! Well, sort of.

I included a pocket on the right hand page where I tucked in a stuffed muslin heart I made for her. Angie loves hearts and butterflies and all things vintage feeling. I hope she will enjoy these pages.
This page has a background paper of white chippy painted barn wood and layered on top of that are a row of flowers I made by burning the edges of organza. Here is a tutorial for making them.I them photocopied an original post card I have of Emily Post's home and garden. I love the little note a young lady wrote to her friend.


The postcard dated 1944 reads," You should see the lovely garden here, and the house inside is my idea of a very comfortable as well as interesting home. Emily Post herself,  I think, I think very sweet. She shook hands with all of us. Still of the (not sure what this word is), As Ever, Jerrie". Emily Post was an American writer and socialite who became famous for writing on social etiquette. 

She's all packaged up and ready to fly off to Arkansas tomorrow to visit with Kim Imgirl.

Happy Creating!