Saturday, January 19, 2013

Art Journal Blog Party

Artists lt to rt, row 1 1&2 Lisa Wright, Kim Collister, Angie Hogan, 2nd row Maggie Nemetz, 3rd row Stephanie Mealor-Corder, Katrina Wright, 4th row, 1&2 Lisa DiNunzio, Kim Collisters 2nd page, Angie Hogans 2nd page.
It's a Blog Party to share the fun experience 8 lovely artists had the pleasure of participating in a Art Journal Round Robin.


All 8 Art Journals in last round of our Round Robin

My Art Journal Cover
We are having this blog party to celebrate the Round Robin we participated in for 8 months. It was a wonderful experience! Below are just some of the items in the giveaway. There will be more surprises in the pkg!

1 Lucky person willing to start his/her own Art Journal Round Robin will win this loot and more.

 Please have a visit with these other lovely ladies. See their wonderful Art Journal Pages and enter for a GIVEAWAY! Their links are above.
Please leave a comment here and on the other 7 blogs.
Tell us what you like about art journaling.
Maybe you're inspired to try a journal swap?
It would be awesome if you were to gather 
some artsy friends and start your own Round Robin! 

It's been decided that the Art Journal and goodies will not be given away by random number
selection, but to the person who is most 
interested in starting her/his own
journal swap! More details are on
Priti Lisa's blog.


  1. Tammy, we had so much fun with this last year! I can't wait for our next one to begin, and I hope we start a round-robin craze lol!

  2. I LOVE our little group, and can't WAIT to get started on our new swap! I'm also thrilled that we get the chance to inspire others to start this awesome adventure!

  3. Happy "Joy in the Post" Blog Party to you Tammy :-) I've been loving visiting party blogs and enjoying the party atmosphere :-) I feel so lucky to have been involved with our round robin 2012 it has been such a special experience and I've especially loved getting to know you all even better. Looking forward to our colour filled 2013 swap!
    BIG party Hugs
    Kat Xx

  4. I just can't wait to start all this again can you? So excited!!

  5. Tammy, I LOVE your cover and the wonderful work within the journal pages. I'm off to assemble my own book, perhaps with different watercolour papers AND a collaged cover of course. Some friends came to a mixed media workshop with me where we learned some simple bookbinding. They'd be keen to give a round robin a go.

  6. Don't you wish we could enter the giveaway!? I loved working in your journal Tammy and I adore the pages that you created in mine, full of all the things I love - thank you! Can't wait to start again :) x

  7. Yes this would be a fun project. How exciting to collaborate with such talented artist. I would be standing next to my mailbox with anticipation.

  8. It is such a wonderful concept. LOVE your cover. I'm inspired to get some arty friends together on a similar collaboration.

  9. You ladies sure did a great job making this swap a success ! The results are gorgeous !
    Congrats !

  10. Tammy,
    I so enjoyed the Round Robin this past year and I am even more excited for our new Color Journey coming up. I feel blessed for your friendship and all your Art Goodness!!

  11. Such a beautiful journal you and your friends have created! Such fun and such treasures.

    I adore Stephanie's Moon Girl - you are so lucky to have the original!

  12. Y'all are all so clever and talented; I'm enjoying visiting all seven of the Round Robins. The inspiration is fabulous and yes, I'm going to try my hand at an art journal of some sort. Now to decide what I want and if my Beloved Best Friend (who is an incredible artist) will play along. Thanks!

  13. Well if I wasn't jealous before, when I saw Kim's and Maggie's pieces for this project, I certainly am envious now! This is such a beautiful way to share your talents. I hope you'll all share again next year.

  14. This is soooo very exciting! I have been toying with the round robin idea for years. I belong to the Arty Tea Party Guild, a group of talented chics just like yourselves. We meet once a month to share our collective talents, to teach each other a particular craft or technique, or just to try out new products. Sometimes though, we just yak and drink tea, (ok sometimes wine:) and eat while we display our latest creations for one another. You can find us on our blog

    I think it is time for us to delve into the round robin. It's the perfect time, too, for it is dead of winter here in the northeast. And to keep cabin fever at bay, this is the perfect idea! Thank you for sharing. LOVE IT!

    Aloha from Vicki, though not in Hawaii, but New York...

  15. Oh, can you say, EXCITED?
    Well, that is exactly how I feel.
    I decided to go out looking for the perfect blog . . . something new, fresh and wonderful . . . something that I would feel honored to be a part of . . . and here it is! I am honored to be your newest follower:) I too, love journaling and it has become my cold weather creative project of choice. I also enjoy many other paper crafts, I paint, I garden, I sew, I play guitar and sing . . . I guess I just realize how short life is and I want to get every last minute of enjoyment out of it.
    When I take my last breath . . . I want to be spent out :)
    Life is a treasure to not be wasted.
    Anyway, back to you . . . your blog is amazing. I would hope that you will visit me and follow me back . . . but whether or not . . . I'm adding you to my front page blog-list . . . so that I will not miss a single post :)
    Your newest blogging sister, Connie :)


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