Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Round Robin Spoiler Alert- Kim's Journal

 Well, this is sadly the last of the Round Robin Art Journals in this swap. It has been so much fun playing in all 7 books. This is Kim's Art Journal and she is a very vibrant spirit. She loves color, whimsy, collage and words, so I tried to incorporate these things in the 2 page layout I did in her book.
 Everyone included a bird symbolizing the Round Robin , so I chose a sweet little blue bird in flight.
                                " Live Life as if it were Created just for you"~ Maya Angelou
 This card made me laugh. It came from overseas and I love the way it was written. "It will flick in my Gizzard if I can't make an Z". It seemed whimsical enough to be included here.
 This is Kim's journal cover. Isn't it gorgeous?! She is such a wonderful artist. I am always envious of her use of color. Her work always seems so HAPPY.  =)
                                                  This is the back of her journal. Love it!
                                       Hope you have time to create something fun today!


  1. Oh this is really vibrant. Iwish I could see all the pages of this colourfull piece of art

  2. Oh how gorgeous- your pages are so PERFECT for Kim! I can't believe it's (almost) over but I'm so glad we did it and I'm especially glad that we're planning on a repeat performance!
    Love your pages!

  3. Gorgeous vibrant colourful pages that exude joy! Kim will love them!! Really fabulous job Tammy :-)

    I'm about half way through Lisa's pages. I can't believe this is the last one for this swap. It has been great.
    Kat Xx

    I DID!!! and I AM SO GLAD I DID!!
    I just couldn't wait to see the pages! I love what you did Tammy, it is so me!! The card is so great and I love the tag, words, all the whimsy and collage art! I can't wait to get it in person and drool over each page of the journal.
    This journey has been so great getting to know each of you better and getting to peek inside your creative minds and your lovely hearts. Thank you for letting it all over flow onto my journal pages and leaving me with not only Inspiring art, but great friendships!!

  5. I could look at this for ages - so much uplifting colour and fun detail!

    I've just realised one of the things I've enjoyed most about this swap - the way a lot of us seem to have mixed in a bit of each others preferences and styles.

    I've noticed it in the pages I've done too. This has got the definitive "Tammy" stamp, but with little touches of "Kim!" I love it - kind of fusion art! Gorgeous x

  6. "Art & Inspirations" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.



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