Sunday, June 3, 2012

Spoiler Alert Kat's Round Robin Art Joural

 Kat's Round Robin Art Journal. I did 2 pages. My inspiration were branches of friendship. True friends anchor us like roots do a tree.
"A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart"
I wish you sunshine and happiness friend.
The Snowy Owl
The owl is wary and wise
He knows the names of the stars in the skies
He hoots and he toots
and he lives by his wits
but mostly he sits...and sits...and sits.
Like a whisper in the night, the snowy owl finds delight.
I used chalk and oil pastels for the backgrounds. I liked the way the colors blended.
I hope Kat likes it.
Have a lovely week friends.


  1. What a beautiful idea- I LOVE the owl and the poem- SO clever! And of course comparing friendship to the branches of a tree is a great idea too! I just got Lisa's book on Saturday and will be brainstorming to my heart's content- can't wait!

  2. I wouldn't say "Spoiler", I think it is more "Spoiled Alert". We are truly getting spoiled getting to see all the fabulous works of art going on here before they touch our hands!
    I just love what you did on your pages.The owl is a cute hoot! The feathers are such a great touch! Kat is going to love it!!!!

  3. Ooh it's fabulous Tammy!

    So many pretty things - all the little hearts hanging from the tree, the bluebirds with their nest, the words written along the branches, and that pure white, feathery owl!

    I really like the way the pages contrast yet are linked together too. I'm sure Kat will be delighted with it! x

  4. This is a cool idea. I love the Snowy Owl poem, it's so cute! Anyway, I'm Sarah, just started following you, love your blog:)


  5. I love this....especially the owl!


  6. Oh WOW WOW WOW I love my pages!!!! I am so excited to have such beauty in my journal. If I physically could I'd be jumping up & down like a little kid in an ice-cream queue about to receive a quadruple scoop :-)) Trees, as you probably know, are my favourite creative muse. And I love beautiful words with art. Then the beautiful snowy owl is so adorable in his winter setting & gives a beautiful contrast to the vibrant joyous colours of the first page. Tammy I can't tell you how happy (& a bit happy tearful) I am that you've created such wonderful art with words that speak to my heart.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I feel so excited. This art journal swap is like waiting for Christmas & very good for the soul.

    Kat Xx

  7. Another wonderful page! Love the feather!


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