Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Creative Muse found me today

Yep, I awoke with a full fledged cold and yet all sorts of things popped into my mind and were knocking to get out. So what's a girl to do...but listen. So off I went scissors clipping away, glue on my fingers, glitter everywhere, feathers flying, etc and voila I made a special banner to hang and also a guest book, so far. But there's more to come I can assure you. As soon as I can I will post some photos for you to see.
I came downstairs to add another load of laundry when I spotted the computer and thought...just for a second, I'll go see what's happening in the land of blog. Here I am and before I get sucked in, I am off to fold said laundry and toss in that other load. Hope you are filled to the brim with creative juices, as I am.
Hugs to all,


  1. You know, I've been meaning to mention how beautiful your new banners and look are - just GORGEOUS!! Good for you, not getting sucked into the black hole of the internet, it's always such a struggle, isn't it!?!

    I hope your cold improves and you enjoy your day of creativity with your muse, whoot!

  2. Hi Tammy, Now I know where my muse got to, she is at your house, darn it.
    Ever since I finished th white painting (which you got some credit for, check my posts) SHE VANISHED!
    Oh well take care of her and send her home soon, I've got a show in 2 weeks.
    Peace and hugs Chickie

  3. ooo... hope you're feeling better!! but at least the muse is with you :) hey!! your new banner is really pretty!! i like how it fades into the background :))

  4. Hope your cold parts with you soon ;)
    Glad your creative juices are in tact though!

  5. Ooh I love it when i get all full of ideas like that - I can't wait to see what you create Tammy! And don't be wasting time with laundry whilst the muse is with you - let it wait! ;)

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