Friday, January 22, 2010

Free Vintage Image Thursday

This is Sidney Crockett Painter 1837-1890. One of my husbands relatives. I am not sure how he is related but isn't he handsome?. You may click on him and right click to save after it has enlarged. Use it in your art work for sale or not but please do not sell the image, itself. Enjoy!


  1. Dear Tammy!-)

    I love your blog wthis SO nice colors and creations,i admired of your work,really great!!!



  2. Great photo, he is so handsome and I love the cocky angle to his hat!

  3. Hi Tammy,
    yes indeed he is, thanks so much for letting us use him.
    xo Dorthe

  4. great photo and the frame is wonderful. what an amazing thing to have such great family photos! you are blessed!

  5. He is indeed VERY handsome Tammy!

    Love the blog background and banner. Looks a bit like mine. Can't think why!!! ;)

  6. How wonderful to still have photos of family from this time frame and how generous that you share.

  7. Thanks for the lovely vintage photo...I'm not sure how I'll use it but it will come in handy somewhere.


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