Friday, April 23, 2010

Life's Simple Pleasures

Look at these sweet violets. I found a whole bunch of them in my yard. I just love them. They fit perfectly in a small glass, okay a shot glass, on my kitchen window sill. They make me smile.
  Sidewalk chalk art. Every child should be free to express themselves artistically. My daughter and her boyfriend drew these one afternoon and I had to laugh. How cute they are in 11th and 12th grade and still playing with colored chalk. ;D
  I just love when I see faces, shapes like hearts, butterflies and dragonflies, etc. in nature. This is one of my fence posts. It looks a little sleepy, doesn't it? It made me think of Scarecrow off The Wizard of Oz. Do you see it?
Shadows, especially palms and swirls. This is the afternoon light on my front porch. I love photos taken     around 7 pm. The lighting is superb!
 Crystal designs. Frost on the windows and snowflakes.
                                           Silhouettes of trees against the sky. It is dreamy. lol
                                         Fall colors, palm fronds and the sounds of rustling leaves.
                                                 The beach and wet sand between my toes.
Sunsets...the sound of laughing children, friends, smiles and so much more. Smiles are contagious, I always say. It is hard to see a smiling face and not smile back. Try it. I try to smile at everyone that I make eye contact with. No, I am not a creeper.  I don't go around and look at every person I pass but if my eyes meet someone elses, I will smile and 9 times out of 10 they will smile back. There are always those folks that are in their own world and that's okay. It just make me feel better that I brought a smile to someone's face.Okay off you go now. You have to try this experiment. Well you don't have to but I highly recommend it.
Oh yeah one more wonderful thing and that is YOU. Yes you, my dear blogging buddies. I love your comments and hopping around seeing what everyone else has going on in their lives. Fun stuff! Xo,Tammy


  1. Love violets. A wonderful collection of photos and thoughts Tammy. I too try to make eye contact and smile. It's terrific when people smile back. I then wonder what could be so bad in some people's lives, that they don't smile back. The other possibility as you say, is that they are in their own little world. Or is it because we hear so much about 'stranger danger', that people are reluctant to take the first step with strangers, in case they are encouraging adverse behaviour?

  2. All of your photos are wonderful but there is just something about the one of the violets that is breathtaking!! Wow.

  3. It really is the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure. I love that fence post, it reminds me of an owl. Your daughter and her boyfriend are very artistic, love that art. The sidewalks around here are usually covered with kids drawings but never anything that creative.

  4. Those simple pleasures are the ones I seem to go back to when I need to recharge. Your list is pretty much exactly what mine would be... although I think mine would also include food. ;-) Hugs, Silke

  5. The violets are so pretty! Love the tree, great post.

  6. lovely post Tammy, and your violets are delightful!

  7. Hello,dear Tammy!-)*

    These post maked me SO happy,because I saw you smile and the smile of Nature...Enchanted,radiant post,my dear Friend,it felt great!!!
    With those simple things you can to share Love!!!-)))*
    Thank you,thank you,thank you:-)

    Much Love and big smile to you,Tammy!

  8. I have always loved violets. The picture of the sunset is AMAZING!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,

  9. What a lovely, uplifting post Tammy! Just reading it and looking at your amazing pictures made me smile (see I've started the experiment already!)

    I agree that the image of those violets especially is outstanding - you definitely have a talent for photography going on there!

  10. What a lovely post. Love all your finds! That face in the tree is awesome! You should create something with it!

  11. What a lovely post. Love all your finds! That face in the tree is awesome! You should create something with it!

  12. This was such an uplifting post; it brought a smile to my face even without being smiled at first! I especially loved the violets and the face in your post!

  13. Beautiful violets! When I see the face on that fencepost, I think of the nasty apple trees in the Wizard of Oz!

  14. Wonderful set of photos and I love that sad looking fence :)

  15. I see the wizard in the fence board! I have a yard full of violets, I love them. In the new developement, they are considered weeds. Poo!
    This was a wonderful post!!

  16. All your pictures are so lovely!
    I agree with your experiment, I think a little smile can brighten anyone's day and we need to do it more often!

  17. Hi Tammy, what a lovely post! I smile at everyone I see, too, and there's always a few who, as you say, are in their own little world. Even smiles can't seem to bring them out! :/ Hope you are having a terrific Tuesday. Tammy

  18. Beautiful photos!

    My son, who is a senior in high school, took our shoebox full of crayons just so he and his group of friends could color in seminar! I had to make fun of him (since that's what parents do), but secretly I was happy that he still enjoys having fun.

  19. The soft face in the tree, love it.


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