Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some thrift store treasures

Okay, so get this. I found a real treasure at the thrift store. Do you know what type of basket this is? It's a Longaberger picnic basket with the protective sleeves and shelf and the pamphlet that comes with it. It is hand signed and numbered on the bottom along with the official Longaberger imprint. It retails for $190.00. I cannot even tell you how much I paid for this because I feel too guilty. Let's just say when I saw it I was simply looking for a basket to hold my yarn and knitting needles. As I was looking it over I saw it was a Longaberger. I had to double check the price label and then the imprint on the bottom and then the label again making sure my eyes were seeing correctly. So my shopping trip ended abruptly, as I was afraid someone would change their mind and take it away from me. lol So now it is in my possession.

Okay, so the story behind these little snowmen is that each year I give my children a Christmas ornament so that when they have their own trees they will have their own personal collection of ornaments with a history and good memories attached. I saw these little wooden fellas and they reminded me of long ago Christmases and they are very cute! They are about 2-1/2-3" tall.
I got excited when I saw this tray (2.99). It is stamped Yugoslavia into the wood on the bottom and I love the dovetail craftsmanship at the corners. I plan on adding some vintage papers on the bottom of each section. It is so pretty. It is about 18" x 12".Okay so here are 4 place mats. Velvet and satin. I plan on using these under my table centerpieces. I have candles on one table and a plant on another and a floral arrangement on another and a table lamp on another. This will be an inexpensive (99 cents) and easy way to add holiday cheer and color to my decor.
I found these lovely vintage linens that I am going to use in some pretty projects. I will post those later.
I found this Marriage Blessing. It is stamped Florence Italy on the back and the frame is adorable! I may take the blessing out and frame something else and add the blessing to the wedding guest books I make, if the bride so wishes, of course.
Okay, this is a cool box! It is long and slim and very sturdy. It reminds me of the wooden cigar boxes. I will be giving this a complete makeover. Will show that later when completed.

Okay, look at this! I got so excited when I saw this little box. It is so cute! Only 4x4". It is from 1936 or 1938. The Weave It! I looked it up and found all of the little booklets you could buy for it back in the day. They actually have instructions on making everything from coats to baby clothes. It's a riot! Oh and swimming suits. You know the old fashioned! This is in the original box with the original needle and a woven felted square still on it, unfinished.It reminds me of the plastic toy one I had that we made potholders with. You remember those, right?! Okay, I also bought a vintage light with the 4 color wheel attached to it. It goes round and round and was meant to shine on a tinsel tree. I have been looking for the tree for my mom. I'd like to surprise her by having this set up at her home one afternoon while she's at work. She told me about having a tree with a light just like this one shining on it and changing colors. I found this for less than ($5). Ebay has these trees but yikes some of them are outrageous and considering my mother is not really into retro, I am not wiling to pay a fortune for it. I just thought it would be fun to bring a childhood memory to her.
I also came home with a book and a Christmas album for my daughters boyfriend. He got an LP player for his last bday and he has been slowly adding to his vinyl collection. Hey this is daughter was in the drama class in kindergarten and the teacher put on this giant CD she said. I had to laugh. She had never seen a record before. Wow! TGIF! I hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. OMG you found a Longaberger in a thrift store? WHOA!!!!! what a lucky find. I don't have any of their baskets but my daughter is in love with that place.
    You got some really cool stuff. I do remember those looms. I made a ton of those potholder things when I was a kid. I also remember the colored wheel. My grandparents had the ugliest silver Christmas tree and they had one of those color wheels set up in front of it.

  2. Wow you had some incredible finds- that basket is amazing! Are you still planning on using it for your yarn and needles?
    I love the idea of giving your kids an ornament each Christmas- so special! My favorite wedding shower was an ornament one- I so enjoy pulling them out each year and remembering each person that gave to me.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. great score on the Longaberger!! I would have snapped that up too and your marriage blessing is made in Florence and is a piece of Florentine that someone hand carried back from italy, the frames are particularly lovely and the scroll work around blessing is typical Florentine art work. just wonderful treasure!! xo

  4. EXCELLENT finds -and that weaving box is TO DIE FOR!

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  6. I would love to go shopping with you, you have an eye for treasures! I could feel your excitement from here...A great shopping trip, what a rush, right?
    PS: I am jealous of that Italian frame w/ blessing.

  7. Wow Tammy, that basket was a great find! I need to go thrifting with you, I never find anything good. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Nan

  8. WOW on the Longaberger! I got a small one similarly, but yours is much bigger and better! I have sold some of those WEAVEITS myself online -- you're right, they go for a lot so you got a fun retro item and also a great deal! I think I need to go thrifting with you!

  9. Hi! I know you made this post a long time ago now...but I was searching for a Florentine Wedding Blessing and came across this blog post. By any chance, do you still have that piece?? And if so, would you be willing to sell it??? I have been looking all over for something like that and it would mean so much. Please let me know! Thank you!!!!!

  10. Hi there,
    Sorry for the delayed response. I do still have the blessing. Let me know if you are still interested. I need an email address or some way to contact you.



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