Friday, November 11, 2011

A very special Veterans day

I'll never forget the day I was working in the floral department of Harris Teeter, and a little girl and her mother came up to the counter to pick out a special balloon for her father. The little girl picked out the perfect Fathers Day balloon and she was so proud. As they were walking away, I said I hope your daddy has a happy Fathers Day and she turned back to me and said her and her momma were going to his grave to send a letter up to to him in heaven. She said every Fathers Day she writes a letter and attaches it to the balloon and she lets it go all the way up to heaven so her daddy knows she still loves him. I smiled at her and told her how lucky her daddy was to have a daughter that loved him so much. Oh my gosh, I was a puddle when she walked away. It broke my heart. How touching. This one little thing meant the world to this little girl. Imagine if she still had her father. He died serving our country.

Remember this Veterans Day to be thankful to all whom have served our country and all who are serving our country. Freedom is not free. It is not just the men and women in the armed forces that this service affects but their friends and families, too.


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