Friday, January 20, 2012

SALES in 2 Etsy Shops!!

My friend Steph of Dragonfly Studios is having a 40% off sale in her Etsy shop. Click here to be transported to her world of gorgeous paintings in her Etsy shop.

I have another friend, Maggie of Heart of the Magpie, who is also a painter. She has a whimsical style and would be an excellent children's book illustrator. Maggie's is also having a sale in her shop. 20% off of everything. Click here to be transported to her magical world in her Etsy shop.

I can personally say that both of these ladies are amazingly talented artists and just lovely individuals. After reading their blogs and seeing their art work, I think you'll agree. Go have fun!


  1. Hello Sweet Tammy!! Thank you for the links. I am in love with your newest creations. Especially the beautiful nest box. My husband and I were just talking about Charleston last night. His 20th Citadel reunion was in September and he missed it because of his broken leg:( I miss SC and Folly. I guess my 2oth CofC reunion was this year too. I'm old girlfriend!! LOL!! Love, Jamie

  2. Tammy, you are such a sweetheart for posting about my sale!! And Steph's too. Thank you! Thank you!

    Happy Friday, and I hope you have a super weekend!

    Love and hugs,
    Maggie xo

  3. Hello Tammy! Ooh sales from my favourite ladies.... Must pop over!

    Just wanted to let you know that I have taken a Sabbatical from IA. Just got too much on at the moment - especially with this course I am doing. I should be able to do the challenges though... mind you I'd better get started on this week's!!

  4. That's such a sweet gesture to promote these sales Tammy - but stop tempting me, telling me about all this wonderful artwork on sale! ;) x

  5. Hey there friend!!
    How ae you?
    Love your lil' post on Stegh and Maggie they are great!!!
    I am so blessed to know them as well.



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