Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Resolution A year of Thanks

I don't usually make New Years resolutions anymore because a lot of the time I don't stick to them (lose wight, work out, you know) and then I get all bent out of shape with guilt so this year I decided that I was going to make one but my New Years resolution was going to be something to make others feel good. I've decided to give thanks personally to those who have touched my life in a special way. All year long I plan to hand write notes to each of these people. It may be someone who always smiles and says hello genuinely. It may be someone who always makes me feel special in some way, like my coworkers, my friends, my family.

It might be someone who does a nice job on something I have hired them for ie; the guys who installed my entry door, my fence, that do my landscaping, etc. The nail tech, the hairdresser. I want to say what I often feel but don't always verbalize. The cashier or clerk that bags and loads my groceries into my car, who always have a good attitude even though I know they have had a long day standing on their feet and have more than likely encountered less than pleasant people along the way.

It's the simplest of things that touch my heart and make me happy. People who are genuine, who have an easy smile or laugh, people who have a good heart, people who love to help others, people who are quick to point out the good in others, people who enjoy life, people who make art that makes you smile, people who have a good attitude about life, people who take pride in what they do. You know those people. They surround us every day and yet I don't always let them know how much I appreciate them for whatever reason.

So that is my New Years resolution. I have bought some blank cards by Anna Griffin (I love her stationary) in the wedding section of one of the craft stores, so that I can stamp an image on it and the word thanks or thank you and hand write my note. I saw some pretty thank you cards but I wanted them to be something I took the time to create.

Did you make a New Years resolution that you want to share?

What was your New Years resolution.


  1. I haven't made a resolution in years. I never stuck with them.

  2. What a beautiful resolution! Mine is to have gratitude in my heart- not always easy but SO rewarding!
    New Year hugs to you, my friend!

  3. What a wonderful resolution! Good for you!

    I hope 2012 brings you health, happiness, and much inspiration!


  4. I love your resolution Tammy. I may even borrow it for myself if you don't mind!

    You're so right, it costs us nothing to say thank you or tell someone how much we appreciate them, but it can make such a huge difference to the person on the receiving end.

    So in that spirit, thank you Tammy for inspiring me with your gorgeous art and your beautiful view of the world! x


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