Friday, June 5, 2009

Ahhh...the front porch

I love to spend time on the front porch in the warmer months. Now is the perfect time as it is in the hi 60's and 70's. This little gem was found on clearance at Targette. Okay, Target for $12. These gorgeous impatiens were given to me by a lovely little lady by the name of Judy. She spoils me every year with a huge pot of flowers for my porch. A hummingbird just visited.
This is the lounging corner of the porch. See I am writing you from that big comfy chair. There is an adult softball game going on in that park across the street right now. The park is wonderful. Always hosting barbecues, basketball, soccer, softball and baseball games in the spring and summer months.
Chance is curled up on the settee right next to me. I swear we should have named him Shadow, as he is mine. Such a loving little fella. He looks like a powdered donut when he is all curled up.
Some fun things going on around here. One is my bathroom is being renovated. Yep, gonna have a jacuzzi tub and all. Woohoo! I have been picking out tiles and paint and accessories. I will show them to you in my next post.
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  1. the lamp is gorgeous!! i love iron works like that too :) wow!! what a lovely and cozy porch area you have ... looks like something out of a home magazine! and that jacuzzi ... another piece of heaven :))) happy sunday!

  2. Wow that porch is amazing Tammy. And the Targette {cute!} find - beautiful! Can't beat something that lovely for $12.

    And I also love how you refer to Chance as your little powdered donut when he's all curled up. That is a fantastic description!

    p.s. Thank you SO much for the morning glory seeds. I am psyched to get them planted as soon as we return from Mackinac Island {writing from the hotel computer}. :o)

  3. Hi Tammy
    Your porch is lovely. I WANT A PORCH!!! The bird lamp is beautiful. It looks perfect hanging there. Your park sounds a fun place to be. Good luck with your bathroom. We have that to come very soon!

  4. I love your porch! Such a restful, peaceful spot. I love seeing pictures of Chance, thanks for showing this one! He looks just like our dog, Muffin. Have a nice week! Twyla


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