Monday, June 8, 2009

New bath on the way

Do you see what I see? Our new jacuzzi tub is in. Well, sort of. Our contractor is working pretty fast. Day 1 was demo and today, day 2 he put in a new ceiling, the tub, moisture resistant walls and hardibacker board on the floor. The tiles for the walls are 8" x 10" and they will be layed out in a brick pattern than the bronze border and the small chair rail will run through the middle and all the way around the bathroom. The floor tiles are 13" x 13" and will lay in a diamond shape pattern. I love this bronze border. It looks so elegant in person. I'll have more photos as we progress. Day 3 is electrical and plumbing. No need for pics.
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  1. Your bathroom is going to be wonderful. I love the bronze border and your jacuzzi tub sounds just perfect.

  2. Wow! I love that border too, it's gorgeous! I love renovation; when everything is finished and it feels so luxurious! Enjoy!


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