Friday, April 15, 2011

Art Auction!!

Hi everyone! I have something wonderful to share with you today. There is going to be an Art Auction May 1st-7th at Inspiration Avenue!! A group of artists from all over the world will be donating a piece of art to benefit a wonderful organization called Angel Faces. The artists will pay for shipping too so 100% of the auction proceeds will go to this organization. Last year we raised $500. and this year we would love to be able to double that. So if you are interested please stop by and bid or as a bonus maybe you would consider  donating a piece of art for this great organization. Please email me at, if you'd like more info. I can tell you how easy it is. Or you can click on the button in my sidebar to find out more.

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A little bit about Angel Faces:
There is this awesome group of individuals that volunteer at a 5 day retreat for young ladies whom have had severe facial disfigurements from fires. The founder of Angel Faces , Leisa Cartelli is a burn victim herself, having endured a gas explosion at age 9. She decided she wanted to help young ladies who have suffered the same experiences. She wanted this retreat to be a place that would give these girls the the life skills they will need.
These girls are treated to therapy sessions, (Art Therapy being one of them) to teach them how to deal with being ostracized, stigmatized and just trying to "fit in".  These girls are given life tools to help them deal with the grief and trauma that they face.  They are given haircuts and makeup lessons to help them to buld up their self confidence. They get to experience calming exercises, fun activities, and are surrounded by others just like themselves. Can you tell I am excited about this??? Remember how we felt as adolescents and think about having severe facial and body disfigurement on top of that and you begin to scratch the surface of what these girls experience on a day to day basis. Their self esteem is shot. Most of these girls feel broken when they arrive at the retreat having endured staring, rude remarks and questions, and a lack of self esteem. This retreat gives them a chance to feel normal, to not be judged, to learn tools and coping techniques. The volunteer staff does an amazing job. The girls photos, stories and letters are on the Angel Faces website. Click on Angel Faces to go there and see for yourself what a wonderful retreat this is for these young ladies. Thank you all for reading this and please consider helping in some way.


  1. Yay, Tammy! It's so exciting. I love your gives such good insight into what the auction (and Angel Faces) is all about!

  2. Fabulous post Tammy - you've made me even more excited about the auction!


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