Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Friends!

This beautiful Panoramic Sugar Easter Egg reminded me of the ones my grandmother made every year for us kids. We did not eat them but we admired the scenes inside and the fancy icing decorations on the outside. She was a very creative lady. I remember one Easter April 6th, it snowed in Missouri and we had to go our and hunt for eggs in the snow. Now mind you I was only 6. So there we are all bundled up like the child on A Christmas Story and searching for eggs. Some sense of humor our parents had, huh?. One year my grandparents neighbors rang the doorbell and when us kids went to open it there were Easter baskets left for us from the "Easter Bunny" with a trail of grass along the walkway.
 I worked today until 5:30p but wanted to pop in to say hello and wish you all a Happy Easter. Do you have
any fond childhood memories of Easter? Please share.


  1. Happy Easter to you Tammy. I remember those eggs, I think I even made some in girl scouts or something like that. Of course ours weren't quite so fancy :)
    I think my favorite part of Easter was always the new outfit. The dress, hat, shoes with matching purse and the white gloves. Oh the good old

  2. Those sugar Easter eggs are amazing! I've never seen any before. I would love to though. Your childhood stories are wonderful, thanks for sharing.

    Kat X

  3. Those eggs are amazing. Lots of love went into the making of such sweet creations for all of you by your grandmother. A friend from Texas who lived here many years, moved to Chicago and the first Easter there, she said she was tossing colored eggs out into the snow for her little ones to hunt. She giggled the whole time about it but she's crazy anyways so of course she stayed inside and literally threw the eggs while she bundled her kids up and sent them out into the cold. :/ Hope you have a great week ahead. Tammy

  4. I haven't seen one of those eggs in a long time. I spent this Easter in the church where I grew up. The service has totally changed though it is the same denomination. But I had fond memories in it. xo Jenny

  5. I love those eggs. I had a friend who made them. No one ever ate them, either, but I sure enjoyed the scenery inside. Love these and the fond memories they invoked.

  6. This is so beautiful. I have not seen one in years and want to thank you for reintroducing them to me. I hope your Easter was wonderful.

  7. These look like the decorations my Mother would put out each year. One memory I have is walking into church when I was probably 6 or 7 and seeing paper butterflies and flowers everywhere. I was in awe that it had been transformed in to this magical place. The flowers and butterflies had been made by the students during the week.


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