Monday, April 18, 2011

Art Challenge "Angels"

This weeks Art Challenge prompt is "Angels" at Inspiration Avenue's blog. Click the link to see what it's all about. It's fun and you get a chance to win the monthly prize when you participate. I have to figure out what to do. hmmm...ideas keep popping into my mind. Do I paint? Make something mixed-media? Decisions, decisions.

Live Oak trees are all over where I live and it delights me to see these lovely hundreds of year old trees draping acorss  pathways, and roads. They are always draped in Spanish Moss. It seems so enchanting to walk amongst them. Here is one legend of the Spanish Moss and where it comes from.
Legend of the Spanish Moss (1)

Part of Louisiana’s spice is the folklore of our culture. One legend describes how Spanish Moss became so common in our region. According to the legend, an Indian brave and princess lived on the banks of the bayou. When the princess died, she was buried at the base of a live oak tree. The grieving brave hung her long black braids on the tree limb to mark her grave. With time, the braids turned grey and the wind carried the strands from tree to tree. All the trees weep to this day – all the way to the Gulf.

Isn't that a fun folk tale. So romantic. 
Hugs to all of you! Happy Creating.


  1. Beautiful angel, Tammy! and those trees are gorgeous!!

  2. I love the theme this week! I wonder which clever girl chose it ;)
    That photograph is a fantasy world...beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing the folklore, it's one I never heard before.

    Tammy, I think you asked about the art journal round robin...the group I am in is full, but I would be interested in joining you and anyone else in doing another one.
    Maybe you know some creative people that would be's a fun project. Think about it and let me know.

  3. oh Tammy ... what a beautiful fairyland you live near to ... it must be such an inspirational place for you.

    angel is such a beautiful title challenge ... i think off hand i already have something in mind. very simple but so very personal ...;)

  4. Oh, Tammy what a beautiful photo. I love the legend of Spanish Moss. How precious!

  5. Beautiful angel and thank you for the Spanish Moss legend- I'd never heard that before! When I was in college in Savannah, I LOVED the live oaks and the beauty of the light filtering through the moss was so wonderful!

  6. I love this post and the picture of the spanish moss. I have a friend that lives in Edisto SC and I love visiting her. Charleston is quite an enchanted city. I love that whole area!

  7. I love the theme this week, Tammy. You have found some awesome angel photos!

    Spanish moss is so magical looking ~ I love that legend!

  8. Great theme that has produced some gorgeous Angel art - thanks.

    Ancient trees are fascinating and so full of presence. I love the photo of the oak trees draped in moss and the story that you share.

    Kat X

  9. That angel is gorgeous. I love those moss covered trees, too.


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