Sunday, October 30, 2011

A secret garden & a freebie image

We found a wonderful place called Architectural Antiques & Garden Elements a couple of weeks ago. I fell in love. Who wouldn't? There is a shop with store rooms full of all sorts of wonderful things from rehabs done here in Charleston.
You can find lights, tiles, pillars, furniture, windows, doors and so much more.
But for me the most intriguing area of all was the wonderful hodgepodge backyard with oodles of wonderful rusty bits and fabulous garden fountains, planters, urns, statues, furniture, columns, etc.
Such a lovely place for a treasure hunt with wild flowers poking up here and there and a lazy black and white cat curled up in a place with dappled sunlight, not in the least bit bothered by visitors.
We bought this cast piece above for one of my living room walls among a few other items. We will definitely be back for more goodies next spring when it is time to start the garden out back. We have big plans for the small space we have to work with.

This statue below is a close up of the tall statue you see in the photo above with the pillars resting up against the building. See her? She's nearly dead center. She is your freebie if you'd like. I added a map overlay to her just for fun.

I have had a lazy morning and now I must get a shower. Yes, it is 12:20 but I've only had this one day off in the last 7 days and not another until Friday so I feel entitled. :) Never mind that I have been dealing with a cold all week long. Now a flipping cough is trying to pry it's way in. I need to run to the drug store to buy some zinc lozenges and eat 1 of my Flintstones. lol I am not going to let it win! Swords are drawn. Well enjoy your Sunday. Mom's coming to make fried chicken and baked macaroni and cheese. Haven't had those things for years. This was Jack's request when she offered to make dinner for us. He wants her recipe, hence her making it here. He's becoming quite the chef.

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  1. This place is amazing...I would have had weak knees if I stumbled across this place!


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