Thursday, October 9, 2008


Dreams...Not the kind you have in deep slumber but the living waking kind of dreams. The kind where you knew you wanted to say be a doctor when you grew up or maybe an author, or have your own business, you know those kinds of dreams.
We all have one or two of those. I have a few myself. They are sometimes secret dreams. Dreams we are afraid to share with others for fear of them sounding silly or maybe of being scoffed at. We keep them close to our heart, protecting them, pulling them out once in awhile to dust them off and have a little visit, maybe shine them up a bit.
Sometimes our dreams can be met by creating small steps. Sort of like rungs on a ladder. You climb the ladder to your dream one rung at a time. Your dreams are attainable. There has to be desire, motivation, planning, focus and hard work. Do the research. Be positive. Believe in yourself. Invest in yourself. You deserve it!
It can seem overwhelming looking at the big picture but I find it is so much easier to focus on one rung at a time. Make a timeline, tape your goals up somewhere that you can see it everyday.
Never let anyone crush your dreams. Others will try to hold you back for selfish reasons. If there is someone in your life that is always holding you back then don't share your dream with them. Don't give them the opportunity. You know the old saying misery loves company. Don't let it happen. You are in charge of yourself. Period.
Start small, dream big, and go for it! Do not wait for something to happen first, because that day may never come. We so often say I will do such and such after .... happens first. Well there will always be a ....happening. No more excuses. Just do it.


  1. Wise words Tammy....and your new "look" is gorgeous!!!!!!!

  2. I loved this posting and I live by the "just do it" philosophy. So eloquently written, every word!

    Love your new background too!


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