Monday, October 27, 2008

A glimpse of my work space

Okay, so I could only get a few pics of my space due to some of them being blurry. I can try again at a later date. I just love this illustration by Mary Engelbreit. The message is perfect. I have it on a memo board in my art space. I love my storage boxes. I buy them whenever they are on sale and label them and organize everything. I have them on every shelf. That top shelf has a piece of red painted wood that says I love mom. My son whom is 23 now, made that for me when he was about 5. So sweet. Yes I am a sentimental mom. I have a heart my daughter made and I keep their notes to me in my jewelry box. They are all precious to me.

Don't be scared. I try to keep it organized, I promise, but when I have many projects going on at once it looks like this and worse, much worse. Hey, how do you like my task lighting, yeah the bare bulb? I have recessed lighting in there but it is not bright enough right over my table, so I added this little doodad and it is wonderful, not pretty but very functional.

I love my paintbrushes. I use them all of the time and I just love the pot I have them in. My mother gave me this plaque a few years back. She always encourages those around her.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh your studio is fabulous and I LOVE the decorative boxes! Rather organized my dear, very impressed. ;-)
    I'm always suffering from proper lighting and struggling to find new and better bulbs and such so as far as the lighting goes, as long as it works that's what counts in my book.

  2. Hi Tammy
    I love your workspace. It looks very organised. I would love to have a room like that just for my crafts. Thanks for showing your keepsakes. They are all so special.
    Best Wishes

  3. Hey Tammy! Thanks for showing off your workspace! Fabulous!

  4. Hi Tammy! Your workspace looks lovely!
    To answer your question - I'm not sure if Michaels has it, but I know Archivers has it if you have one of those near your house. I MAY carry it in the future. Do you think there would be an interest?

  5. Look how cute you are, i have some of the boxes
    LOVE your blog
    I think I came here from my fairie window

  6. Tammy, tks for sharing and everything is organised..much better than me for sure :D

  7. I loved seeing your work space. Believe me, ours is Much worse. You can imagine the stuff two crafters have! Yours looks very functional and that's all that matters. Your mom sounds like a wonderful person. Twyla

  8. Hi Tammy ~ I love your studio...and your decorated boxes! I really have crappy lighting in my craft room...need to work on that !


  9. Decorative boxes are the best - I have a few and I love them for storing off-season handbags. I think your space is great, and ME is a favorite of mine too. :o)

  10. Your work space looks like mine! I added the award to my blog tonight and linked to yours. Thanks again Tammy!


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