Thursday, October 2, 2008

A glimpse of our home

These are not the best shots, I'll give you that. The lighting and the angles but hey, it's only a glimpse and I'll take some fresh ones once I have decorated for fall. Promise.

Well, it's about time to remove the old A/C unit out of the window, I'd say. Never had a window A/C until we moved to central PA. Gotta' love it. We are also looking for a painter to come in and paint all of the window casings and mouldings white throughout the house. It will make it look so much more crisp and newer. We've been here 4 yrs now and in this picture you can see our new front door, which I love and we put down the hardwoords ourselves. Much cheaper to throw in the old sweat equity, you know. The side door in the living room will be the next to be replaced. The existing one looks like it belongs on a barn, doesn't it? When my bathroom is clean and my bedroom is put back together (we just laid hardwood floors in there) I will take pictures of those also. Oh and my kitchen. We replaced the countertops, lighting and painted the cabinets and walls so I will show you a before and after of that, as well. It's fn to peek into others homes. You get a sense of their style, tastes and personality. Hmmm...wonder what mine says about me? I'm sure you'll let me know. ;D

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  1. Oh Tammy, your home is lovely. Obviously the home of a Mommy whose babies have grown ;)

    Perhaps one day my home will look like that. But it may take a while!


  2. Gorgeous photographs's always fun to see "where" people live...your home is warm and inviting, just like you!

  3. Tammy, just wanted to say that your home is beautiful and fantastic!!!! have a good weekend :D

  4. Your home is so warm, rich and inviting! Thanks for sharing! I also love your fall photos!


  5. Your home is beautiful. So is your blog. And I bet you are just as beautiful a person also.

  6. Your home is has such a warm and welcoming feel!


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