Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hey, What's that white stuff falling from the sky???


  1. I wouldn't mind a little of the white stuff! Stay warm and keep smiling! :) Tammy

  2. HAHAHA!!! you look mad alright :)) hey! but snow is lovely!! moi here has been craving for snow for many many years :) aww.. cheer up love :) mayb it's just a one off :))

  3. Tammy, here is a thought from someone who lives in PA...YIKES! Not already!
    I saw the weather this morning, freezing rain for us, snow in Penn St.
    I immediately thought 'Poor Tammy Sprinkle'
    Please not winter already. Did we have summer this year.

  4. Haha, you do look mad...
    At least you get snow. We Israelis would have loved a little snow once a year... instead we have high humidity, and way too high temps. and it's already mid-October...

  5. Oh my gosh you're absolutely adorable!! I know you hate the snow, you just look so darn cute mad! ;-) You had it much worse up there than we did and I thought of you as it started to fall here. Hang in there dear friend!♥


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