Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Place cards, Gift tags, Banners, Ornaments

This is a simple project that can be made larger or smaller for ornaments, place cards,or in lieu of bows on gifts, or banners, etc. You take a piece of card stock  about 4" wide and long enough to make 8 accordion folds. Then bend it in half and glue or stick together with double sided tape, then bend the other direction and do the same. You should now have a circle. Next gather and glue the lace to the back and a ribbon to hang, (omit this part if you are not hanging) then add a circle of pretty paper onto the back to cover the ribbon and lace glued areas. That way it looks nice and neat from either side. Next cut a 3" x 1" piece of light colored/patterned paper and paint, markers, or glitter glue to write a word or name. These can be attached to napkins by attaching ribbon to the back and tying a bow around the back of the napkin. It is nice to use also for the final touch for gifts. It can act as the tag and bow. Just put the recipient and givers names on the piece of paper across the top. You can attach to the gift with ribbon or double sided tape. Have fun with it.


  1. They are beautiful Tammy, simple yet very personalised :P

  2. very very pretty tammy!! but then again i'm partial to green :))

  3. What an awesome idea, Tammy!
    Love your pretty box, too. I know you're on MCC, but I can't seem to find you there.


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