Saturday, March 12, 2011

ATC's, Japan help

I decided to join Swap-Bot so I could swap art, ATC's, photos and letters with others around the globe. It is so much fun making and receiving happy mail. Each day it seems I have a fun piece of mail and who doesn't love happy mail, right?. So the above is a snapshot of 2 of the 3 Butterfly ATC's I made for a swap partner.
I like to make my ATC's pretty on both sides, so I added a butterfly quote to the backs and decorated them too.
The above ATC was for a Christian ATC Swap and again I decorated both sides. I am really liking the small surface. I have so many fun papers, inks, stamps, vintage ephemera, and bits and pieces of this and that. It is fun to create little pieces of art.
So far, I have penpals from across the globe, teas, ATC's, postcards, and photographs. If you are interested in a swap with me, let me know. I love swapping. Or if you want to join in on the fun with others from all over the globe, join Swap-Bot. I am loving it.

On a sad side note, please pray for the people of Japan. It is such a catastrophic event and so many lives have been lost. I read this morning that one of their islands was actually moved 2.5 meters which is the equivelant to approx. 7.75 feet. Can you imagine? A whole island! It is devastating. I pray that our Japanese here in America hear from their families in Japan very soon. The unknown is sometimes worse than knowing. I found this link that lists 6 ways we can help the people of Japan.


  1. красота.даваите меняться)))у меня свободная атс здесь:

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Tammy! Thanks for all you share, my friend!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend...


  3. Love your ATCs Tammy - they're really beautiful! What a lovely idea to decorate the backs too, I'd never have thought of that!

    It is horrible and so shocking what's happened in Japan - thanks for posting that link of ways to help.

  4. Hi Tammy, we have a Japanese friend who lives in Dubai and we were in touch with him as soon as we heard of the news. His and his wife's family are fine but certainly it is a scary and incomprehensible situation.

    Your ATC's are gorgeous. I would love to swap but the mail on this side of the world is so unpredictable. It takes 4-6 weeks or longer for anything to get to its destination. Please email me as I'd love to swap with you.

    Best wishes, Tammy

  5. The ATC's are so beautiful. Your love of them really shows.

    Thank you for linking the site regarding Japan.

  6. Gorgeous! The colors are my favorite and the vintage touch is beautiful!

    Have a great day!

  7. Beautiful, beautiful cards, Tammy.
    And a great post...thanks for the link :)


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