Friday, March 18, 2011

Who put their hand in the cookie jar? Who me, yes you!

I have been working some late shifts and long hours this week. So Mr. Sprinkle decided to bake some cookies to be sweet. They are delicious! He made a buttery cookie with white chocolate chips and coconut. Never had them but boy are they good! I'll have to ask where he got the recipe and share it with you all. He's sleeping right now.
Well, when I was reaching in for the second one, I noticed something blue in the bottom of the jar. Hmmm... I thought what the heck? And then I saw it up close and had to laugh! Only a man!
He didn't take out the bubble gum that was in the jar since Valentines day. You see he loves Double Bubble and so I gave him 10 pieces on Valentine's day. He threw them in the cookie jar because it was empty at the time. Ah, gotta' love it! Just when I start to wonder if he is a better wife than I am, he does the silliest things.
Oh he just woke up, okay the recipe came from the back of a Nestle Toll House bag of Premier White Morsels. The recipe is called White Chip Island Cookies. We did not have any Macadamia nuts on hand so that is the only ingredient he excluded. Yum!


  1. MMMMMMMmmmmm they sound sooo yummy! I love anything with coconut...or anything that's called a cookie, LOL. I thought it was a blue M&M...:)

  2. Hi,dearest Tammy:-)*

    What a wonder here by you!!!
    Thank you so very much for you visit and you so lovely comment,my dear friend!!!

    Wish you relax,beautiful weekend!

    Much Love from Amsterdam,

  3. those sound delicious. Wish I could get my husband to bake cookies for me.

  4. Yum!! I will have to get me a bag of those white chocolate morsels. I probably have everything else (no mac. nuts, but I don't like 'em anyway :)

    Haha Lisa, I thought it was a blue M&M too!

    ps you're a lucky lady! My hubby has never made cookies. He manages breakfast sometimes tho.

  5. That is just too funny...typical well intentioned guy. Well, at least he knows how to make fabulous cookies!!! Count yourself a very lucky gal indeed:D I love my hubbie to pieces but he literally can't boil water! LOL
    Beth P


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