Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nature in our surroundings

Ah...nature. This time of year is so exciting. You get to watch the birds mate and nest. The males are singing to their mates and dancing that special dance that they do.

They are gathering nesting supplies and creating those special havens for their little ones.

My daughter holds 3 little frogs. Sooo cute! They were by the lake. She loves nature, also. It is amazing if you think about all of the cycles it goes through. Every season you can count on the same things happening. It's a relief to see all of the birds and hear them singing. You know spring is truly here. The crocus are popping up their little heads reaching for the sky. What a wonderful sight.

The temperatures have been in the 50's, just warm enough to open a window and air out the house. Makes me want to start my spring cleaning. Ha! Did I say that? Wish I could afford a maid.


  1. Hi Tammy! Speaking of Spring cleaning, thats all I've been doing and it feels so good! I just wanted you to know that your package has been mailed! I got a little behind on shipping due to my work schedule, and each time I would leave the house I would forget your package! hee! hee! Sorry sweetie! But it is on the way...I hope you enjoy all of the goodies and have a blessed Spring!



  2. Thanks Alecia! I know it feels so good to spring clean but it also s just one more thing to find time for. Between workng full time, havng my shop and trying to keep a semi normal household and friendships, it is not easy. :)

    Hugs back,


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