Monday, March 3, 2008

Wedding Guest Book

Yay, we made it through Monday. We're on our way now.

I finally finished a wedding guest book. It was fun to create but time intensive. This will make its way to Ochos Rios, Jamaica next month. Lucky book! The theme was starfish, white orchids with hot pink and the beach, of course. So each page is 12" x 12" with a patterned or colored paper. There is a 4 x6 mat on each page and a parchment notecard and envelope with a decorative label on the outside of that and then a tag. The idea was for their guests to leave a note, piece of advice or whatever for the new bride and groom and then a polaroid will also be placed on the mat leaving room for the name of the guests in the photo. The tag is for whatever they decide to use it for. is the bride to be. She has pretty jewelry in her shop.


  1. You are very talented. I love the albums!


  2. how beautiful:) what a wonderful keep~sake you have created!!!

  3. Thank you ladies. It was a lot of fun!

  4. This guest book is so pretty and I love the theme :)


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