Friday, March 28, 2008

Snail Mail

Well, quite honestly who doesn't love good 'ol snail mail? I do, my kids do, well actually my husband loves being the one to check the mail, so I guess it's unanimous.
Only problem is that letters are far and few between. So, I opted to get a penpal, like when I was a kid. I had one in Norway when I was about 10. It was fun but I moved lost her address and that was the end of that. :(
So now I have two penpals; Polly in the UK and Jennifer in Missouri. It has been so much fun writing back and forth with these two ladies. We all get excited when we get our leters and bits here and there. We have shared stories, dreams, inspirations, family happenings, etc.
Emailing somehow does not the same appeal, with all of the jokes you've read 3 or 10 times, spam, and ads, etc.
Sometimes it may take me 3 sittings to complete a letter with life being as hectic as it is but I just write the date above that section and move on. Jennifer and Polly do the same so we all understand that time is precious and there are good intentions made by all.
Do you like to get or send snail mail?


  1. I have 2 pen pals in England and I get so excited when my Husband comes home with a letter from them! We have been writing for 20 years now and it's still so much fun! Enjoy your pen pals!

  2. Ah Sandy, 20 years! Wow! It must be really neat to get to know someone for so long. Have you met either of them?


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