Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gift ideas for under $30.

I just purchased this great big book full of all sorts of goodies. It has a lot of wonderful recipes to make or to give as gifts in the unmade form. It has crafts andholiday decor instructions and templates. It even has quotes from famous and not so famous authors. It is a feast for the eyes. I have been looking at it for a month trying to justify buying it. It was $26.95, so not chump change by any means. Well I broke down and bought it and got 10% off. It's something right? Yeah, that's what I kept telling myself, anyway.
I sat down and paged through it yesterday for over an hour. I need to go through it again with a post-it note pad in hand to tag each page I want to use a recipe from or a gift idea.
Okay now for the gifts under $30.So I sat here a few weeks ago trying to comprise a gift list to help with ideas for those on your list. I came up with 3 categories. $10. and under, $20. and under, $30. and under. I figure if you have more than that to spend on one gift, you probably already have something in mind. So here's the list:

Handmade gifts
childrens dress up trunk/box
baked goods
decoupaged glass plate

Gifts under $10
throws (TJ Maxx, Ross Dress for Less, Ollies,etc.)
manicure set
tea towels
stationary set
mug with cocoa and marshmallows
keepsake box
compact mirror
paperback book
recipe box
photo frame
photo album
purse sized perfume
tea and teacup
locker items
address book
house plant
business card holder
address book
a canvas
travel clock
luggage tags
book light
deck of cards
tally sheets
crossword puzzle book
sudoku book
eye glass case
recipe cards
recipe box
body spray
scented lotion
movie ticket booklet
fast food booklet

Gifts under $20
serving dishes
fashion jewelry
desk set
digital camera bag
bottle of wine
table runner
gift card
towel sets
tool sets
barbecue utensils
recipe book
cell phone cover
gardening tools
hair clippers
blow dryer
curling iron
hair straightener
pen/pencil set
art supplies
universal remote
mixing bowls
desk lamp
board game
volleyball/badminton set
camping supplies
cooking utensils
pot or pan

Gifts under $30
perfume/cologne (TJ Maxx)
sheet sets
glassware sets
pot or pan
wine rack
gift card
tool sets
laptop case
day planner
sports/gym bag
coffee maker
crock pot
bocce ball set
These are just ideas to get you going on a train of thought. I can think of great gift basket ideas too but I'll save that for tomorrows post.


  1. Miss Tammy Sprinkle!! Your Turkey below is the peril of perfection!! Look at it, a beauty! And this list. YOu are a gem for sharing it all organized like this! I might not need the book now ;) :) THANK YOU!! xo, V

  2. Great gift Ideas..I love little fun things
    for Christmas surprises

    smiles, deena

  3. Hi Tammy
    That book is wonderful. I will have to look out for it.
    I found your gift suggestions very useful. I have to buy a gift for a work colleague in our Secret Santa. Do you do Secret Santa in the US?
    It's fffrrreeeeeeeeezing here today. It was minus 2 inside my car on the way home from work today.

  4. Look at your gorgeous blog! All decked out for the holidays - it's just fabulous!! I love the little ho-ho-ho tags on the sides, too sweet!

    The book sounds wonderful and I'm with you, have to have a stack of post-its near by to tag all those pages I want to return to later.

    Oh, the winery was exquisite and the wine delicious, I now know why you paid it a visit, such delicious tastes from grapes.

    Hope you have a beautiful week my dear friend♥

  5. What a fantastic organized list!! Thanks Tammy.

    This year I'm keeping things sane and simple. Everyone on my list will be receiving art (mine) or food gifts.

  6. Tammy, this list really gets me thinking. Something I need to do when it concerns giving meaningful/special gifts that don't cost a fortune!


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